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Sustainable IT labeled organizations  

Sustainable IT labeled organizations  

Sustainable IT Label – Level 2 holders

Logo - Communauté de communes Maremne Adour Côte Sud - Label NR

Courbon Software

Part of the VINCI Energies group, Courbon Software is a dynamic, innovative company.

Combining the experience of the historic company COURBON SAS – French forerunner of the Manufacturing Execution System – and the dynamism of its young software development teams. Courbon Software continues the tradition of innovation and the use of new technologies to optimize industrial performance.

Courbon Software designs innovative software that can be integrated into all production processes.

Its software suites are tailored to the requirements of each industry sector: pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, materials chemistry, manufacturing.

In this way, Courbon Software supports the digital transformation of companies and contributes to the growth of their industrial performance.

Courbon Software stands out for its innovative software that is fully adaptable to all manufacturing processes.

Logo ADEME - Label NR

 Pierre Fabre 

Pierre Fabre

We care for life by imagining and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.
We do this with healthcare professionals, our trusted partners wherever we operate; by drawing on nature and plants as a perpetual source of inspiration; by collaborating with researchers and innovators around the world; by placing pharmaceutical ethics at the heart of our action.

Logo KEY4EVENTS - Label NR

France Travail DSI

The objective of France Travail DSI: to guarantee support and services even more adapted to the needs of unemployed people and companies recruiting throughout the territory, thanks to reinforced cooperation with all employment stakeholders, training and integration.

Logo KEY4EVENTS - Label NR

La DSI Banque Postale et Assurance

The Banque Postale and Insurance IT Department employs 1,600 people who imagine and implement the digital transformation of the La Banque Postale Group. Its high-stakes missions guarantee a high level of service (multi-channel, multimedia and interconnected) for its 11 million customers, while respecting the best practices of Responsible Design.

Logo Addixware - Label NR

BNP Paribas – Banque Commerciale en France IT (BCEF IT)

BCEF IT is the IT arm of Commercial Banking in France, and its mission is to develop effective efficient, innovative and secure solutions to meet the needs and expectations of customers and employees, in line with the challenges and standards of the marketplace (Data, AI, Devops, Cloud, digital responsibility, cybersecurity, etc.).

logo ADEME - Label NR

ADEME IT Division

ADEME, the energy transition agency, is a French public institution of an industrial and commercial nature (EPIC) founded in 1991. It is profoundly committed to fighting climate change and resource depletion. ADEME is active across the board in getting individuals, economic players, and local governments involved by giving them the resources to move toward a less resource-hungry, lower-carbon, and more just and harmonious society. 

Logo AIOS SH Label NR


Born from the meeting of engineers specialized in IT, AIOS SH is a committed company specialized in the creation and redesign of complex, resilient and high quality applications. The AIOS SH team works on the latest generation of micro-service architectures and publishes software.

Logo antic pays basque -  label NR

Antic Pays Basque

Antic Pays Basque has been the Basque country’s regional IT development agency for over two decades. It exists to innovate, provide support, and promote digital best practices for the public and private sectors, schools, and individuals. Its 2021-2023 roadmap “For more accessible, more sustainable IT” aims to foster the development of sustainable IT in the Basque country.

Logo ADEME - Label NR

ATMO Grand-Est

ATMO Grand Est is a non-profit organization certified by the French Ministry for the Environment. It is tasked with air quality monitoring in the Grand Est region of eastern France under the LAURE Act of December 30, 1996 on air and rational energy use, which constitutes part of the environmental code.

Logo Bivwak - Label NR


BivwAk! by BNP Paribas, is a program designed to accelerate and support the transformation of the BNP Paribas group thanks to a unique set of resources that help entities, teams, and employees bring their projects to life, take an active role in shaping their future, and take on the complexity inherent in their ecosystem.

Logo Bivwak - Label NR

Bruxelles Environement 

Created in 1989, Bruxelles Environnement is the environmental and energy administration of the Brussels-Capital Region. Our mission?

  • To study, monitor and manage air, water, soil, waste, noise and nature (green spaces and biodiversity).
  • But also to issue environmental permits, monitor compliance with them, develop and support environmental education projects in Brussels schools, take part in meetings and negotiations at Belgian and international level…
  • Finally, Bruxelles Environnement has developed its activities in the field of eco-construction and the links between health and the environment.

Logo CDC Informatique - Label NR

CDC Informatique

CDC Informatique, the IT subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, is a global IT and digital services operator founded as an Economic Interest Group (EIG). It is majority-owned by Caisse des Dépôts.

Caisse des Dépôts was founded in 1816 to manage private funds and rebuild trust in public credit. It serves as a trusted third-party. CDC Informatique translates that historic commitment into its area of expertise, digital technology, by guaranteeing the confidentiality, security, and integrity of CDC’s data and information systems.

As part of its mission to serve the public interest, CDC Informatique implemented a CSR policy in 2009 and has been expanding it ever since, particularly with an ambitious Sustainable IT policy.

Logo CET Label NR

Central Europe Technologies 

Central Europe Technologies (CET) is the BNPP Personal Finance Shared Service Center based in Bucharest (Romania).

The CET provides business application development and management, testing, and technology services for over half of BNP Personal Finance’s subsidiaries.

The products that CET creates and maintains over the long term benefit thousands of Personal Finance users worldwide. 

logo région bretagne - label NR

Brittany Regional Council

The Regional Council, a elected assembly chosen by Breton voters, is involved in most aspects of daily life and the future of Brittany, including education transportation, economic development, regional development, culture, sports, and the environment. 

Logo - Crédit Agricole Technologies & Services - Label NR

Crédit Agricole Technologies & Services

Crédit Agricole Technologies & Services is the IT partner of the Crédit Agricole Group’s 39 Regional Banks. Relying on a single information system, it designs, implements and maintains the banking information system, in compliance with the requirements and service levels expected by users.

Logo - Groupe la Poste

CSM SI – La Poste

To ensure its digital transformation, La Poste Group needs to maintain a high-performance IS that integrates digital technology into all its activities.

The IT Shared Services Center works in partnership with all La Poste Group departments and subsidiaries to ensure the operational performance of their information systems. Its role is to propose the best IT solutions, from design to operation.

digitaleo_logo - label nr


Créée en 2004, Digitaleo propose une solution de communication locale et collaborative à destination des marques et des réseaux. Digitaleo propose une solution qui réunit le marketing direct, le print, le presence management, les réseaux sociaux et les avis clients sur une seule plateforme.

Leur plateforme collaborative permet à leurs 4000 clients d’harmoniser leur image de marque, mais aussi d’amplifier l’impact de leurs messages. La solution a été pensée pour permettre aux enseignes de choisir le niveau d’autonomie qu’elles souhaitent confier à leurs établissements, de la personnaliser à leur charte graphique, et ainsi animer leurs équipes terrain sur les sujets de communication locale.

Du presence management à la création de campagnes de communication prêtes à l’emploi en allant jusqu’au workflow de validation et le suivi des performances, Digitaleo donne aux réseaux et aux marques les moyens de développer leur visibilité locale.

Logo Ville de La Rochelle - Label NR

City of La Rochelle Communications Department

La Rochelle is a coastal city in southwestern France and serves as the prefecture of the Charente-Maritime department. The City of La Rochelle’s communications department is committed to communicating sustainably citywide through the Sustainable IT label.

Logo - Groupe la Poste

Information Systems Department – Mail-Courier-Package Division (DSI BSCC) – La Poste

The Information Systems Department supports BSCC on a daily basis in its digital transformation strategy, by building and upgrading its Information System (IS). It responds to the expectations of the Business Units (BUs) by aligning itself with the Group’s strategy.

In line with the Group’s commitment in April 2021 to become a “company with a mission”, the BSCC IS Department is committed to promoting an “Ethical, Inclusive and Frugal” IS.

BSCC ISD is present on three geographical sites / 2 regions:

– Île de France region (Guyancourt and Paris)

Occitanie region (Montpellier)

Logo EDF - Label NR


The EDF group, a major player in the energy transition, is an integrated energy company that operates across the energy value chain, from production to transportation, distribution, wholesaling, and energy and energy services sales. As the world leader in low-carbon energy, the Group has developed a diversified production mix of nuclear, hydraulic, thermal, and new types of renewable production. The Group helps supply energy and services to some 38.9 million clients, including 28.8 million in France.

EDF SA is the Group’s production, wholesale, and energy sales arm.

EDF SA’s digital services are carried and delivered to EDF group entities by the DTEO.

Logo-EmpreinteDigitale - label nr

Empreinte Digitale

Empreinte Digitale is a cooperative society, creator of costumised and sustainable digital solutions.

With its 56 collaborators, the company works hand-in-hand with its costumers, to facilitate their business processes.


Logo Fortuneo - Agence LUCIE

Fortuneo Banque

Fortuneo is an online bank, commercial brand of the breton group Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, a cooperative, mutualist and non trated group, where each member participates in collective decision-making.

Fortuneo offers a wide range of services for individuals : bank accounts, regulated and non regulated bank books, real estate loans, provision of investment services, life insurances, as well as consumer credit solutions.

Fortuneo is commited in its work as a responsible banker and assists the costumers in their environmental shift.

Logo Hello RSE Label Numérique Responsable

Hello RSE

Hello RSE is the sustainable IT purchasing specialist. It offers thousands of digital and educational resources from local vendors committed to a CSR strategy for private and public sector purchasers alike.

logo fortuneo - agence LUCIE

University Hopistal of Geneva 

The result of a centuries-old tradition of excellence in medicine and science, Geneva University Hospitals was established in 1995. Grouping together Geneva’s eight public hospitals and, since July 1, 2016, two clinics (Joli-Mont and Crans-Montana), they represent Switzerland’s 1st university hospital. They also have 30 outpatient clinics throughout the canton of Geneva.



INFOGREEN FACTORY revolutionizes digital codes to make them more sustainable. It reconciles the organizational and technological requirements of information systems and digital service production with environmental and social issues. Its services are dedicated to the digital transition: maturity diagnosis, training, consulting and service delegation.



Founded over 40 years ago, the Infotel group has become a major European player in corporate digital transformation. As a privileged partner of major companies’ business and IT divisions, Infotel has both functional and technical expertise. The Group helps its clients manage and upgrade their IT assets and offers consulting and innovation services for business and IT divisions.

Infotel specializes in end-to-end digital transformation. It co-develops transformation plans, co-designs offers, services, and customer journeys, and jointly implements changes to internal processes and operational action plans in agile mode. Infotel is also a software publisher with a full range of products for large servers, with Insoft-Infotel. 


Logo BNP PF Label NR

International Development Resources as Services SA (IDRAS)

The South Europe Technolgies (SET) or International Development Resources As a Service (IDRAS), a 100% subsidiary of Banco Cetelem , was created in 2015 and is located in Madrid (Spain).
A shared service center, SET provides qualified development services, business application management, architecture management and IT risk management for more than half of BNP Personal Finance’s subsidiaries. (18 customer countries worldwide)
Thanks to the products that SET creates and maintains over the long term, this work benefits thousands of Personal Finance users worldwide.

Logo Isia - Label NR


Isia is a digital services company that provides support to businesses across all industries as they go digital. Isia offers a wide range of services, from consulting to project assessment, the design phase, and the development of specific web, mobile, desktop, IOT, and artificial intelligence applications.

Logo JALIOS Label Numérique Responsable


JALIOS is France’s leading Intranet, Digital Workplace, Cloud, and On-Premise publisher. It supports its clients’ digital transformation to make their organizations more efficient and their employees’ work more fulfilling, whether they’re in-office, remote, in the field, or on the go.

Logo - Keleo - Label NR


Keleo is an IT design and development agency. From idea to solution, Keleo supports its customers at every stage of their project. Whether designing an application, optimizing a website or upgrading a product, our design and development experts are there to meet your needs.

Logo Klee Group Label NR

Klee Group

Klee a creator of digital business solutions, supports its clients’ transformation through its Consulting, Digital Integration, Application Management, and Products activities.

Logo La Javaness Label NR

La Javaness

La Javaness accelerates the transformation of major organizations by scaling up AI responsibly and efficiently. La Javaness is one of the only independent AI companies. 

Logo ADEME - Label NR

Madison Communication

Madison Communication is a digital-centric communications agency that offers a sustainable approach to communication. From strategy to eco-designed websites and social media management, it aims to shrink the IT environmental footprint of its clients’ communication campaigns and offer fully-accessible digital content. Madison Communication builds long-term communication strategies that carefully align its clients’ actions and messaging, with a focus on positive, verified, ethical communication. 

Label mc2i - Label NR


mc2i is a digital transformation consultancy that defines itself by its collective approach. Its expertise is the fruit of individual and collective intelligence, and its offerings are above all designed by people and for people, before being designed for companies.

Our mission: to shed light on the market and remain open to the world around us, to make it easier to get things moving, to simplify what isn’t simplified, to remain agile and to make digital transformation a positive revolution.

Logo Open Studio - Label NR


OpenStudio is an ISO 9001-certified digital services company that has operated in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse, and Puy-en-Velay for 14 years. Its agencies specialize in custom web and e-commerce development.

OpenStudio is committed to sustainable digital innovation.

Logo région Occitanie - label NR

Région Occitanie – Pyrénées Méditerranée

The Occitanie region in one of the 13 french metropolitan regions. It is located in the south west quarter of France.

The capital of the Occitanie region is Toulouse.

Logo ADEME - Label NR

Rennes, City and Metropolis

As the capital of one of France’s most dynamic regions, Rennes is an economic powerhouse. Ranked 10th in France, its urban area covers a population of nearly 700,000, with a catchment area of 300,000 jobs. As the 1st “business-friendly” city in France with a population of less than 500,000, Rennes is a magnet for talent in a number of key economic sectors (research, digital technology, health, agri-food, environment and production engineering).

With its international outlook, Rennes is the leading educational center in the Grand Ouest region, with 68,000 students, and is a major source of high-level research and innovation. Just 1 hour 25 minutes from Paris, and less than 1 hour from Saint-Malo and the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Rennes is renowned for its quality of life, its cultural richness, its DNA of solidarity and commitment to ecological and social transitions, its economic dynamism and its vibrant student life.

Logo Rzilient - Label NR


rzilient helps companies achieve IT management that isn’t just simpler but also, and most importantly, more circular and sustainable.
rzilient provides its 70+ clients with a full range of reliable certified reconditioned digital devices, available for lease and purchase, as well as a full suite of IT support services via its integrated management platform to help them monitor and optimize use of their equipment and keep it working longer.
That approach enables its clients to make progress on their sustainability objectives as part of a Corporate Sustainable IT (CSIT) strategy, the new pillar of CSR.


Label Services Industriels de Genève - Label NR

Services Industriels de Genève – Energy

SIG is a Swiss local utilities distributor. It serves 228,000 water, gas, electricity, and heating customers in the canton of Geneva. SIG also provides wastewater treatment, recycling, energy, and telecommunications services. It seeks to advance sustainable development by promoting smarter, more frugal consumption.


Logo Spécinov Label NR


Spécinov specializes in developing eco-designed web and mobile applications. With 31 years of experience in software creation, Spécinov offers expertise in software package publishing and custom app development.

Logo Spie ICS


SPIE ICS the digital services subsidiary of SPIE France, supports the digital transformation of its mid-sized and large corporate clients with a comprehensive ICT solutions offer. SPIE ICS uses its expertise and digital skills to advance its clients’ performance and users’ well-being.

With 3,200 employees and 60 sites in France, SPIE ICS offers a local presence that is unique on the market, enabling it to develop custom solutions with its clients. SPIE ICS draws on both its historic expertise in integration and IT management for infrastructure and digital workspaces and the incorporation of new types of expertise and innovating in datacenters, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and smart data and IoT.


Logo ADEME - Label NR


SWAT is a web agency that specializes in creating and referencing WordPress, PrestaShop, and Shopify websites. It seeks to give entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs and communications professionals the resources they need to achieve their goals. SWAT does that with a pragmatic approach, targeted support, well-oiled processes, and positive support staff. SWAT isn’t just another agency. It is a technical, ethical partner for organizations that want to do digital differently. 



Tibco is a digital service provider.

Tibco has more than 1,700 employees, serving over 2,000 clients in the telecoms, industrial, retail, insurance, banking, health care, and public sectors.

Tibco provides support for connected users and enhances the performance of their network infrastructure from its 100 locations across France and its 5 service centers.
What makes Tibco unique? It guarantees a sustainable digital world that’s good for people, the economy, and the planet.

Logo UCB Biopharma

UCB Biopharma – Belgium

At UCB, we’re focused on creating valuable solutions that make improvements to the lives of people living with neurological and autoimmune conditions now and into the future.

Logo Universcience- Label NR


Universcience, the national public establishment of the Palais de la découverte and the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, aims to make science accessible to all, young and old, and to promote contemporary scientific, technical and industrial culture.

Designed in close collaboration with researchers, and enriched by human mediation, Universcience’s cultural offering is aimed at all audiences. It is deployed in Paris, on each of its two sites – the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in the 19th arrondissement and the Étincelles du Palais de la découverte, the temporary structure that continues the activities of the Palais de la découverte in the 15th arrondissement during its renovation – but also in the regions and internationally, as well as on the Internet via its online media ( and social networks.

VWIS logo - label nr

Veolia Water Information Systems (VWIS)

Veolia Water Information Systems, a 100% subsidiary of the Veolia Group, is an IT service center in charge of developing information systems and outsourcing IT applications for the water business.
VWIS develops and implements software and/or software packages required for IT systems – management of IT networks and services (development and maintenance of digital solutions dedicated to Veolia Water France).

Ville de Lausanne - Label NR

City of Lausanne

Switzerland’s fourth-largest city with 150,000 inhabitants, boasting a magnificent panorama of Lake Geneva and the Alps, Lausanne is distinguished by its multiple vocations as Olympic capital, sustainable city and renowned center of education and culture. Around its Gothic cathedral, it is home to a population of all origins, as well as the headquarters of several multinational companies.

Logo Ville de Nevers - label NR

City of Nevers

Since 2014, the city of Nevers invests in the digital sector and craves to be identified as a laboratory the “Smart City” on the scale of medium-sized towns.

The workforce of Nevers is characterized by a dynamic and innovative structure,  turned towards the quality of  user services.

Logo Vinci Energies Label NR

VINCI Energies Information Systems (VESI)

VINCI Energies Information Systems manages the VINCI Energies Group’s management tools and information and communications systems. A team of over 500 serves all the Group’s IT users and coordinates all corporate IT projects with their partners in the 55 countries where the VINCI Group operates.

Logo VR Conseil - Label NR

VR Conseil

VR Conseil is a consulting and information systems engineering company that specializes in Banking and Market Finance.
Founded in 2004, it provides top-notch support to meet all of its consultants’ expectations.
VR Conseil sees its role as supporting its clients—major finance accounts—with their unique projects and challenges over the course of long-term collaborations.
It provides expertise in implementing projects like tool and application maintenance all the way from Front Office to Back Office.
As a company on a human scale, VR Conseil maintains close, trusted relationships with all its team members.

Ville de Lausanne - Label NR


VR Conseil is an information systems consulting and engineering company specializing in banking and market finance.

Since its creation in 2004, we have been striving to meet the different expectations of our consultants by offering them the best possible support.

Our role is to support our customers, major financial accounts, in their specific projects and issues, through long-term assignments.

We bring our expertise to bear on the implementation of projects such as the evolution of tools and applications, and maintenance across the entire chain, from front to back office.

As a human-scale organization, we maintain close, trust-based relationships with all our staff.

Logo Wonderfull - Label NR


Wonderful actively observes society, augmented by all the power of digital. It harnesses its expertise and the power of the collective imagination to serve companies, brands, and institutions.

Founded in 1993, Wonderful is a consulting firm that is constantly evolving, driven by purposeful optimism and endless enthusiasm.

That strong historic commitment lies behind its decision to join the LUCIE community and obtain the Sustainable IT label as an extension of its commitment to and with  society.

Sustainable IT Label – Level 1 holders

Logo Triotech - Label NR

Tessi Innovation & Trust

Tessi Innovation & Trust brings together the Group’s technology-intensive activities and a range of R&D resources to build Human Interactive solutions, dedicated to improving the customer experience through data, innovation and digital trust.

Tessi, an international player in business process services and the digitization of customer journeys, achieved sales of 476 million euros in 2021. The Group today announces the launch of its Digital Factory, Tessi Innovation & Trust, which confirms Tessi’s ambitions in the world of Tech. Tessi Innovation & Trust amplifies the technological strike force of the Group and all its customers – both companies and public services – and carries strong ambitions for a responsible digital future.

Logo Oodrive

OREAS Conseil

Oreas Conseil is a company dedicated to supporting, developing and securing organizations. Oreas Conseil is committed to driving change, mobilizing players, federating teams, organizing customer listening and conducting audits for its customers. With a personalized approach and a commitment to each customer’s success, Oreas Conseil is your trusted partner for optimizing your organization. Join Oreas Conseil and achieve your goals with confidence.

Logo - Belharra - Label NR


Bilbea, can help you move towards a different kind of digital: one that is sober, human and sustainable. We are your trusted partner for a successful responsible digital transition. Our multi-disciplinary team of certified, field-oriented digital responsibility experts is at the service of your CSR ambitions.

Logo Triotech - Label NR

Tessi Technologies France

Tessi Technologies France (formerly Tessi documents services), part of the TESSI group, is a specialist provider of digital solutions and data processing services. With its rich history and proven expertise, Tessi Technologies is a leader in the digital transformation sector.

At the heart of its offering is a comprehensive range of innovative solutions covering a variety of key areas, such as content management, storage and distribution of data and information in a secure and accessible way.

Process automation is an essential pillar of its business, enabling companies to optimize their operational efficiency through automated, intelligent workflows.

Tessi Technologies stands out for its expertise in dematerialization, which contributes to the significant reduction of paper and the simplification of information exchanges.

Its hosting services offer reliable, secure solutions for storing and safeguarding sensitive customer data.

Thanks to its customer-focused strategy, Tessi Technologies works with a wide range of companies, from SMEs to large organizations, to provide tailor-made solutions to meet their specific challenges. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and optical character recognition, T

Logo Cekoya Label NR


CEKOYA educates companies about the day-to-day impact of their digital consumption and helps them find ways to take action for the climate.

Logo DOING Label NR


Dolist is a French specialist in Email & SMS routing and Marketing Automation. Their services include “made in France” marketing platforms such as Email Builder, Automation, marketing and transactional mailings. What’s more, they offer personalized multi-platform support and assistance with digital responsibility initiatives. The aim of all their solutions is to optimize their customers’ relationship marketing programs, enabling them to build lasting relationships with their audiences.

Logo - Belharra - Label NR

Belharra SAS

Belharra is an ESN (Entreprise de Services du Numérique) specialized in business intelligence engineering, collaborative solutions and web application development.

It is the publisher of the e-SCM solution, dedicated to the Fashion & Luxury goods sector for Supply Chain management with a strong CSR approach.

The 52-strong team has acquired recognized expertise over the past 16 years, and is committed to supporting the modernization of information systems and the digital transformation of organizations.

Logo Wikit


Wikit is a French editor that automates user support for private and public companies through its smart assistant. They offer a pre-trained and specialized chatbot to adapt to different professions.
Their chatbot’s mission is to increase user satisfaction while reducing the burden on the IT department, to make the IT department more innovative and thus improve its image, to produce an efficient and pleasant service for the user but also to facilitate change management (internal communication and handling of tools).

Logo Wivoo


Wivoo is a Product & Tech consulting agency. It is through immersion, consulting and training missions that Wivoo supports its customers in the transformation of their products.

Logo Akompano - Label NR


Akompano is a consulting and project management firm specializing in information management and digital transformation:

  • Implementation of dematerialization / digitization processes
  • dematerialized digital document processing / workflow
  • Electronic document management
  • Electronic archiving and records management
Logo Sika Team - Label NR


SOFTEAM is Docapost’s Consulting and Services brand. For over 20 years, its organization has been built around a Software BU to ensure the compliance and performance of your processes by offering four solutions:

Modelio: Model without limits by combining standards (UML, BPMN, Archimate, SysML, etc.) and targets (Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF, etc.) in a collaborative web-based repository.
e-Citiz: Dematerialize your business processes from their model (BPMN, UML), in the Cloud or in your own infrastructure, with a patented, agile, iterative methodological approach.
Privaciz: Automate your RGPD compliance with a comprehensive range of products combined with legal, business and cybersecurity consulting.
Act: Plan and track your human and material resources with a software package dedicated to the Port sector.

Logo ADACIS Label NR


ADACIS founded in 2003, specializes in IT security. In 2020, ADACIS was awarded the security visa for PASSI (information system security audit provider) certification by ANSSI, the French national information systems security agency, for its services.

Logo ADACIS Label NR


ADACIS founded in 2003, specializes in IT security. In 2020, ADACIS was awarded the security visa for PASSI (information system security audit provider) certification by ANSSI, the French national information systems security agency, for its services.

Logo Aepsilon - Label NR


Aepsilon is a consulting firm specializing in IT engineering and digital transitions. It is based in Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera. As a mission-driven company, it aims to “use digital technology and corporate influence to advance the social, environmental, and economic transition.”

Logo agence du climat Label Numérique Responsable

Agence du Climat

L’Agence du Climat was created as a one-stop solution provider for housing, mobility, energy, planting, and sustainable consumption in the Strasbourg metropolis. Its multi-service offer is unique and marks a key step in the response to the climate emergency and the acceleration of the implementation of the 2030 Climate Plan. 

Logo Agence GW - Label NR

Agence GW

Agence GW is a digital design and IT solutions agency located in the heart of Bordeaux. Since 2008, its areas of expertise have been graphic design, web development and webmarketing.

Its team of around ten employees helps companies and organizations to create, enhance, optimize and develop their digital projects. Aware of the social and environmental issues at stake, the company’s aim is to encourage its employees, customers and partners to adopt a responsible digital approach and reduce their overall digital impact.

Logo - - Label NR

Agence pulsi

Since 1988,, the communications agency based in Reims, has deployed a working method based on curiosity and support.

Curiosity, because we keep our eyes wide open for technological developments, to offer our customers the most effective communication tools adapted to their needs.
Support, because she believes that customer relationships are built on listening, mutual respect and joint project development.
She believes that communication works best when it’s co-constructed and participative.

Finally, long before it became fashionable, an integral part of her identity is taking into account the social and environmental impact of her productions.

As such, it implements the principles of responsible communication wherever possible

Logo Agile Partner - Label NR

Agile Partner

Since many years already, Agile Partner commits to continually improve its CSR approach in order to reduce negative impacts coming from its activities.

As an ESN, digital is at the heart of its activities and it is therefore naturally that Agile Partner wanted to join the LUCIE Community.

Logo agence du climat Label Numérique Responsable


For several years now, Agile Partner has been committed to continuously improving its CSR approach in order to reduce the negative impacts of its activities.

As an ESN, digital is at the heart of its activities, so it was only natural for Agile Partner to join the LUCIE Community.

Logo AODB Label NR

Alliance of Digital Builders

AODB, Alliance Of Digital Builders, is a new generation digital services provider that compresses space and time to deploy solutions that will be common in 10 years today.
AODB designs innovative digital platforms for large organizations:  Usine à Sites and DXP for websites, intranet/extranet and e-commerce sites, mobile applications, and business applications.
Founded on the idea that IT and digital technology have moved into a phase of hyper-specialization, AODB’s unique strength is its ability to combine the best of 2 worlds:

Expert firms representing the best in cutting-edge expertise and innovation,
And big digital services companies known for their management abilities and their activism.
With that dual advantage, AODB has brought together top experts in every field to create an ultra-specialized offer designed for large-scale projects.
AODB, founded in 2017, now has 200 employees and 500 clients, including 1/3 of CAC40 companies.

Logo AODB Label NR


For more than 10 years, Beapp has been helping companies deploy mobile applications that are both useful and impactful for their business. Beapp also works on web applications and other complex technical digital transformation projects.

Driven by a strong desire to contribute to a more sustainable digital world, Beapp has defined its CSR policy and wishes to work towards a digital world :

  • More sober
    By integrating the eco-design approach at the heart of its projects, right from the strategic thinking stage and throughout the project, right up to content lifecycle planning and the choice of hosting.
  • More inclusive and accessible
    By integrating the digital accessibility approach into its projects. But also by working towards greater diversity and mix within its teams.
  • And more ethical
    By taking into account the best interests of users, notably through their personal data.
Logo - Belharra - Label NR


BIOSYSTEMES has been a major player in the field of sensory evaluation and consumer testing software since the first version of FIZZ was released in 1989. The primary field of activity for its FIZZ software suite is the food industry, where the company has rapidly become one of the market leaders. BIOSYSTEMES has also developed its sales in non-food areas (cosmetics, personal care, health services, chemistry…) and in other applications (laboratory instruments, biological process control).

Since the end of 2021, BIOSYSTEMES has become Compusense’s preferred partner and now distributes and supports the software of the same name, also dedicated to sensory evaluation and consumer testing.

BIOSYSTEMES thus meets the needs of numerous users worldwide.

Logo - BNP GSC - Label NR

BNP Paribas Group Service Center

BNPP GSC is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Polska, offering highly specialized services for BNPP Group entities: development of IT solutions, digital solutions, circular economy products, international risk scoring center, loyalty and marketing services, etc.

GSC’s strengths are as follows:

  • Good position within the BNPP Group in terms of Front End Credit systems. As GSC’s historical activity, our credit file management tool is now deployed and used in many of the group’s subsidiaries.
  • In close cooperation with BNPP subsidiaries in Poland and around the world, GSC provides specialized services to numerous BNP Paribas Group entities in 11 countries.
  • GSC has recently committed itself to the circular economy by launching a promising new product and building a new Front End & Core system circular economy IT platform.
  • Strong skills in loyalty and marketing platform.
Logo C2S Bouygues

La Caisse d’Epargne Normandie

As the only bank covering the whole of Normandy, the Caisse d’Epargne Normandie supports all residents, entrepreneurs and economic players in their lives and projects.

Backed by its cooperative status, it is a full-service bank: the funds it raises locally are reinvested in the region to finance the major projects, companies and start-ups that make Normandy what it is.

As a local, digital bank, we also support businesses by acquiring a stake in their capital to meet their development needs.

As a key player in the energy transition, we forge strategic partnerships with the major players in Normandy’s ecosystems, particularly in the digital sector and those with high innovation potential.

A company with a philanthropic vocation, a patron of the social economy and the voluntary sector, committed to the attractiveness and sustainable growth of Normandy, the Caisse d’Epargne Normandie, a company with a raison d’être, is the 1st French bank to have been awarded the B Corp label.

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C-DIGITAL LABS is a designer of digital applications that harness the power of web and mobile technologies, and the potential of data analysis, in the service of a circular economy that consumes less and respects today’s world. Its DNA is resolutely oriented towards companies with responsible strategies, whose aim is to avoid waste by repairing, recycling and reconditioning.

Its expertise and “tech for good” solutions have been built up through its long-standing partner and customer Cordon Electronics, a specialist in the manufacture, repair and refurbishment of electronic products.

The company supports its customers in “selling differently” from its 3 Digital and Data agencies in Brittany, Rennes and Dinan, as well as in Paris.

Logo CGI - Label NR

CGI France

Fonded in 1976, CGI appears among the most important companies in terms of digital services and consulting in the world including more than 11 000 professionals spread in 24 cities in France.

CGI contributes to the development of a world prioritizing inclusion and allowing climatic shifts thanks to our 3 priorities in social responsibility : Climate, Talents and Communities.

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Cleaq is the IT equipment rental fintech for small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to a pay-as-you-go rental model, including all services and financing, Cleaq helps its customers to consume their IT sustainably.

Logo Colibris - Label NR


Colibris is a tool of analytical watch and management, it manages large volumes of informatio il gère des gros volumes d’informations coming from contracts and linked delivery tools.


Logo Comptoir des Signaux - Label NR


Comptoir des Signaux is an independent telecommunications consulting firm, founded in 1987 by Agnès Huet, and led since 2020 by Sébastien Godin, President. The firm’s employees are committed to the implementation of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, and more specifically a RNE (Responsabilité Numérique des Entreprises) strategy. Its mission is to help local authorities and public bodies take advantage of the opportunities created by communications technologies, and to support them in the construction of a responsible digital environment.


Logo - dFakto - Label NR


For over 20 years, dFakto, a Belgian company, has been helping private and public companies, governments and associations in Europe with their digital transformation. Aware of the ecological and social issues at stake, dFakto has decided to put its technological expertise at the service of the environment and people. Thanks to their strategic plan management solution, dFakto makes data a real impact gas pedal, in particular by enabling you to manage your CSR plan. Measuring, evaluating, analyzing, federating and communicating becomes simpler, faster and more efficient. As a digital services company, dFakto has decided to take its approach even further by joining the Lucie community to become a bearer of the responsible digital label and fully integrate NR principles at all levels.

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DigitGreen is an independent digital services company based in the Drôme region of France. Based on eco-responsibility values, it offers its customers tailor-made digital solutions whose essence is the quest for “greener” performance.

Logo Drivecase Label NR


For over 7 years, Drivecase has been supporting companies, local authorities, associations and other government bodies in their road safety strategies, by offering innovative, customizable accessories adapted to a variety of issues. For almost a year now, Drivecase has also been developing a range geared towards health and first aid, offering care products, disposable protection, first-aid kits and PPE. As a digital company, Drivecase offers innovative, customizable prevention and mobility products on its website.

Logo Eclydre Label NR


Eclydre is an independent web design and development agency founded in 1993.

Eclydre currently has a team of ten employees, with strong skills in Drupal and interaction design. Its employees work together to help you imagine, design, produce, administer, and share your services and content. Whether you’re an institution or a cultural, scientific, non-profit, or commercial organization, its united team of experts is here to help with your service creation or site or web App redesign needs.

Logo Emakina Label NR


Emakina.FR is an international digital agency and a part of the Emakina Group. Emakina is an ambassador for users, centering the digital experience around their desires and expectations. That approach offers the agency’s clients and their brands a unique relationship with their new leaders: digital-era consumers.

Logo Enedis Label Numérique Responsable

 Enedis – Paris Regional Division

Enedis has been an independent subsidiary of the EDF group since 2008. Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network across 95% of France and provides all technical services (connection to the grid, repairs, meter readings, etc.), no matter which provider customers select.

logo euklid


EUKLID is an IS consulting firm. It specializes in intellectual services in the functional and organizational fields.
functional and organizational fields. We recruit experienced consultants on a measured and selective basis.
On a daily basis, all our consultants combine know-how and interpersonal skills to provide our customers with the best possible value creation.
value creation. The firm operates in all business sectors. Banking/Finance/Insurance is the main one.

Logo Evergreen - Label NR

Evergreen Garden Care

Created in 2017, Evergreen Garden Care is a team of 950 collaborators, dedicated to ensure that gardeners of any level of experience can easily cultivate and protect their lawn, plants, fruits or vegetables.

Evergreen offers a range of garden care products for gardeners in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, North Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Its objective is to develop the most famous brands and to launch the most interesting and relevant innovations for consumers.

Logo E-Volve Label NR


E-VOLVE is a digital transformation consulting firm that helps its clients define digital strategies all the way through the training phase, including the selection and integration of software solutions.
Its business model is based on connecting independent consultants with its clients.

E-VOLVE serves clients across all economic sectors, from retail to banking, insurance, services, industry, and beyond.

It facilitates a network of more than 350 consultants who are qualified for business or technical assignments and currently has 130 projects under way.

Logo exodata - Label NR


Exodata hosts, enhances and secures your data

Exodata helps companies rethink the way they think about IT, to make it more efficient: more availability, more precision, more security, and more performance.

The company believes in enterprise IT, not as it is, but as it should be, offering comprehensive support focused on the digital modernization of your business. With and for its customers, Exodata imagines, builds, operates and secures I.S. with an eye to responsible digital use that creates economic, social and environmental value.

Logo Feamzy - Label NR


Feamzy is a set of applications designed to facilitate communication and mutual support between parents at school.

The free mobile application enables parents in the same class to communicate and exchange information with each other, efficiently and without sharing contact details.

The web application, meanwhile, is designed for parent associations. It enables them to communicate with all parents in the school, and even in several schools.

Parents are volunteers, giving their time to animate and help the parent community. Feamzy enables them to do this much more effectively, while respecting parents’ personal data.

The decision to offer a mobile application reflects a desire to combat the digital divide among families, 95% of whom have a smartphone but not a computer.

Logo Feamzy - Label NR

La Fédération des Entreprises Romandes de Genève

The Fédérations des Entreprises Romandes Genève is a federation of companies and business associations, bringing together individual and collective members from all sectors of the economy. It pursues four missions:

  • to support, promote and defend the private sector;
  • the provision of services to its members;
  • to provide ongoing reflection on the evolution of society;
  • bringing together its members and partners.

FER Genève promotes a liberal economy, based on individual initiative and responsibility, and respect for partners. It is a reference center for employers on all major economic issues.

Logo - Fortify - Label NR


FTEL – Web & Digital is a Rouen-based web agency specialized in the development of tailor-made web and mobile applications. With more than 20 years of experience, FTEL also markets its own products on the national territory since 2014 (Cosoft, Pronostic Games, Colibri DPO, Mon Site Vert). FTEL is committed a little more each year to a green and virtuous approach for a responsible and eco-responsible digital.



GCSMS ISI (“IT and Information Systems” Social and Medical-Social Cooperative Grouping) was founded in January 2010 at the initiative of 3 non-profits in the sector. It currently has 8 members, representing about 4,500 employees. This GCSMS exists to provide its members with custom IT services that meet very specific needs and day-to-day support for management of multiyear projects.

Logo GIE Amplius - Label NR


AMPLIUS is an economic Interest grouping.

Amplius has the vocation to mutualize material and human resources of different support services at the service of its members.

Mainly audit and accountancy firms implanted in the Nord – Pas de Calais or in Paris

Among the support services, AMPLIUS covers the fields of computing, project management, human resources, administration and finances, communication and monitoring.

The 70 collaborators of the GIE implement solutions that are adapted to the needs of the firms and design innovative projects to allow them to improve their performance in their daily activity management.

GIE AMPLIUS belongs to the Cerfrance France Nord – Pas de Calais Group.


Grande école du Numérique

Created in 2015 by the French government, the Grande Ecole du Numérique (GEN) is a public interest group (GIP) made up of public and private players aiming to provide a response to skills needs in digital professions and to promote training and the social and professional integration of people far from employment.

Its aim is to respond to two challenges in France:

  • Respond to the shortage of talent in the digital professions
  • Contribute to social cohesion by promoting the training and social and professional integration of people who are far from employment and training, in particular young people, women and residents of priority districts of the city or a rural revitalization zone (ZRR).
Logo Greenweb - Label NR


GreenWeb assists companies, brands and communities in their social, societal and environmental transition, thanks to the implementation of digital and responsible strategy and solutions : ethical and virtuous, social and local, ecologic and sustainable, that maximize the performances of their social contribution, while concretely minimizing environmental impacts.


Logo Sirap Label NR

Groupe SIRAP

The SIRAP Group is a major player in cadaster viewing, filings, and filing verification, serving local authorities. It also serves public and private network providers with dedicated management solutions for wet and dry networks (electricity, public lighting, fiber optic, gas, sewers, drinking water).


Logo HeadMind Partners Label NR

HeadMind Partners

HeadMind Partners is a major player in cybersecurity, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence consulting with 1,500 employees. Founded in 2000, it has offices in Paris, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and New York, where it advises major companies on digital risk taking.  
In today’s anxious environment, companies are faced with two competing challenges: increased regulations to better protect their digital assets and the need to continue to accelerate digitization of their products and services while leveraging all their data.

For over two decades, HeadMind Partners has been committed to building a secure and responsible digital society, pairing its technical skills with mastery of the methods and techniques involved.

The HeadMind Partners teams’ understanding of their markets and their clients and the issues and challenges they face make them the perfect trusted partner. 

Logo - HN Services - Label NR

HN Services

HN Services is an Exceptional company that has been able to change the codes since 1983.

From Cobol to Java, via HTML and Python, these are all technologies that allowed the Group to imagine, code, test, put into production, supervise and maintain millions of lines.

This French ESN embodies very strong founding values. Goodwill, requirement and service are the DNA of the Group, which is constantly adapting to all market developments while maintaining its independent spirit.

HN Services’ recognized expertise enables it to support its 130 clients, mainly large accounts, in the areas of:

of the bank/ insurance
of retirement/ pension provision
of industry
and services
HN Services intervenes on the projects of those who trust it in terms of consulting, support, design, development, supervision and management, on all models of «delivery» (unit or global services).

The avant-garde company founded HN Institut in 1989. This in-house training centre has enabled more than 7,000 young graduates to learn the skills of developers and others to learn the workings of production.

Logo - ikkan - Label NR


Both developer and integrator, the iMSA GIE is the IT player of the Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA), the operator of the public social security service for farmers and their families.

It is the guarantor of the information system for all MSA credit unions and organizations that have signed a partnership agreement.

A unique IT player: iMSA brings together the project management, project management and computer production of the MSA. Together, they carry the commitments and guarantee the quality of service of the MSA IT.

Present at 20 sites in France, the iMSA GIE deploys its IT expertise to meet the needs of the MSA and its partners and the challenges of major IT projects conducted in the inter-regime.

Serving the WSI: iMSA serves the ambitions of the WSI. Its main missions are to:

  • design, develop and operate IT solutions and services tailored to the needs of agents, MSA members and partners,
  • ensure a technological watch and a high level of expertise,
  • propose innovative solutions to ensure a state-of-the-art information system,
  • implement an operational strategy in accordance with the objectives set by the Information System Master Plan.
Logo Inflexsys Label NR


InfleXsys is a digital services company that specializes in developing custom business mobile applications and interfaces for connected objects.

Logo - Infrabel - Label NR

Infrabel I-ICT

Infrabel I-ICT is the operator of the Belgian railway network, and therefore works every day for sustainable mobility via the train in Belgium. To go even further in sustainability, Infrabel’s IT and telecom department (I-ICT) also wants to get involved, by obtaining the Responsible Digital label. I-ICT, with more than 1,000 employees, manages a large number of electronic devices on a daily basis throughout the network (cameras, optical fibers, data centers, etc.), as well as many applications useful to the whole company. The set generates different environmental impacts (production of physical assets, storage of data on our data centers) and social, which Infrabel wants to reduce as much as possible.

Logo Inflexsys Label NR


At Ipsen, our responsibility as a company is lived through an identity that unites our employees around a common vision: Generation Ipsen – For positive change.

Through Generation Ipsen, we promote a culture of integrity and responsibility at all levels of the company, where each and every one of us is committed to playing a part in making a positive difference for future generations.

Generation Ipsen – For a positive change is based on 4 pillars:

  • The Environment
  • Patients
  • Employees
  • Governance

Our four pillars are aligned with the internationally recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Logo - Infrabel - Label NR

IRIS France

IRIS France, a subsidiary of the Canon Group, has been a publisher and integrator on the French market for more than 30 years in terms of technology to build document dematerialization solutions.

Modular «On premise» or Saas solutions that meet the needs of companies wishing to boost their business flows and processes.

Winning combination with Iris’ project and service experts to carry out the digital transformation of companies.

A business-oriented cross-functional EDM solution with strong interoperability with any IS via Connectors, Webservices, etc. for the distribution, sharing, secure consultation and archiving of documents: outgoing incoming mail, supplier invoices, HR files, dynamic filing plan, etc. Enhanced upstream performance through capture, classification (AI) and automatic data extraction (OCR) technology.

A normative approach accompanies this know-how with major French public sector accounts, industry, insurance, mutual, social landlords, etc.

Logo Jean-Marc Doucet Label NR

Jean-Marc Doucet

Jean-Marc Doucet is an adult education and online training project management provider. It helps training organizations transition their training offers to online formats. As a recognized Moodle expert, Jean-Marc Doucet also provides a service offer for Moodle usage.

Logo Kaliop - Label NR


Kaliop is a new type of partner, designed to help businesses and organizations adapt and take advantage of the digital age. Kaliop supports companies in their digital transformation to enable them to create unique digital experiences. The group stands out for its ability to deliver complex projects with high business added value by combining strategy, consulting, customer experience with agile engineering and modernity in the technological tools used.



KEDGE is a French School of Management that deploys its training offer on 4 campuses in France (Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris, Toulon) and internationally in Africa (Dakar and Abidjan) and China (Suzhou and Shanghai). Its community consists of more than 15,000 students.
KEDGE is an original, sustainable and inclusive school.

Logo La - Label NR


La is an eco-responsible web agency specialized in the GreenCode and accessibility. La divides by 3 the ecological impacts of companies’ websites.

Logo - LD3D - Label NR


LD3D is an agency specialized in 3D imaging for real estate development and architecture. For 17 years, it has been supporting the real estate sector by offering images and interactive tools that allow future buyers to project themselves in their future home. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team specialized in the field, LD3D gives life to projects, from the plan to the 3D.
LD3D realizes the images of a world that changes and naturally commits to a more responsible digital.

Logo Leasetic - Label NR


Leasétic encompasses the two worlds in which we operate, finance and eco-responsibility.

Its goal is to be a trusted partner for all companies wishing to meet the challenges of the 21st century. With its customers, Leasétic gives life to projects that have an economic and environmental impact today.

Leasétic’s expertise, methods and tools allow it to offer tailor-made services to each of its clients.

Leasétic provides responsible and ethical solutions to all companies that need to finance their projects by controlling their environmental impact.

Logo Lemon interactive Label NR

Lemon Interactive

Lemon Interactive based in northern France, is a web and digital consulting agency that now has nearly 20 employees. Since 2009, the team has been actively focused on developing sustainable digital performance through 4 major areas of expertise: strategic support, experience design, website creation, and webmarketing. Because CSR is an integral part of its strategy, Lemon Interactive has made the decision to commit to Sustainable IT and reducing

Logo Mavana Label NR


Mavana assists low-carbon strategies of companies and collectivities by optimizing their activities with the help of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Making eco-conception and the reuse of the existing their first choice, MAVANA puts its experience to service on hundreds of projects of integration and placing on the market in more than 70 countries, as well as tools to evaluate the economical, environmental and societal pertinence of connected solutions.

Logo Mavana Label NR


Mazars is an international group specializing in audit, tax and advisory services, whose mission is to contribute to the development of the economic foundations needed to build a fair and prosperous world.

Mazars is an integrated organization, where professionals work as a team, and draws on its wide range of expertise, geographical coverage and local roots to offer high-quality, tailor-made services in audit, tax and advisory, as well as accounting and legal services*.

Founded in Europe, Mazars is present in over 90 countries and territories and employs more than 44,000 professionals worldwide – over 28,000 within its integrated partnership and over 16,000 through the Mazars North America Alliance. Its experts support organizations of all sizes in their development and provide the necessary confidence for their decisions.

*Where permitted by law.

Logo Mavana Label NR

MEGA International

MEGA International is a SaaS software company offering software solutions in the fields of enterprise architecture, business process analysis, data governance and risk and compliance management. The HOPEX SaaS platform, created by MEGA, offers a single shared repository that helps organizations collect, visualize and analyze information to plan and adapt to change.

Logo Mavana Label NR


Micropole is an international consulting group specializing in data-driven business transformation. It is committed to a CSR policy with its customers and employees, with the aim of making a lasting positive impact. As a key player in the digital economy, we are collectively committed to responsible digital development.

Logo Mavana Label NR


A member of the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT), France’s leading group of engineering and management schools, École des Mines de Saint-Etienne is a responsible engineering school driving innovation with a societal impact. The school has 2,500 students – including 27% international students – and 480 staff on 3 campuses: Saint-Etienne, Lyon and Provence. It is listed in 2 international rankings: the Times Higher Education and the QS World University Ranking by subject, and was awarded the DDRS label in 2017. With 5 research and training centers, 1 scientific culture center, 6 research and training chairs, 7 technology platforms, €8 million in partnered research and a €42 million budget, Mines Saint-Etienne pursues a proactive policy to support companies in their ecological, digital and industrial transitions. Our ambition: Inspiring Innovation!

Logo - Mobile Club - Label NR

Mobile Club

Mobile Club is a platform for renting refurbished Tech products. (Smartphones, computers and tablets). The Mobile Club offer is available for both individuals and businesses. Mobile Club is also a virtual operator and distributes mobile plans.

Logo Mavana Label NR

Mon Petit Pixel

Mon Petit Pixel is an eco-responsible web design company whose values are based on respect for the planet (eco-design) and respect for people (accessibility, ethics…).

Logo neos-sdi - Label NR


Convinced that today’s IT must be value-creating, innovative and responsible, Neos-SDI, an Open company and expert in Microsoft solutions, supports its customers at every stage of their IS transformation.

Neos-SDI and its Service Center provide a full range of consulting, engineering, support and change management services.

Active in numerous business sectors, Neos-SDI supports its customers in their value-added projects through constant innovation in new solutions and their uses.

The acceleration of technological developments, risks and legal constraints calls for an optimized information system, and highlights new challenges for IT Departments.

In response to these challenges, Neos-SDI’s offer is based on 4 pillars:

  • Be a player in digital strategy: Contribute to the development of a digital strategy in line with the organization’s strategy.
  • Serving and supporting business projects: Reconciling technical and functional approaches and usage scenarios
  • Adapt I.S. to new developments (Cloud, IoT, AI, etc.): Match technological developments to business needs
    Ensure I.S MCO: Provide technical expertise
Logo Neyrial - Label NR


Neyrial Informatique offers digital hardware and software integration, hosting and information security solutions. Its job is to implement and maintain in operational condition the information system of companies and communities.

The head office is located in the Pardieu technology park in Clermont-Ferrand. Neyrial provides infrastructure maintenance with a local service and 3 secure local hosting sites operating in redundancy. Today, it supports more than 1,000 active customers in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

She is convinced that her core business, data security (Label Expert Cyber) and digital sobriety are gateway subjects. The objective by integrating the LNR approach is to encourage its overall positive balance, increase in skills and good internal practices on a daily basis.

The choice to join the label comes at the same time as the launch of an offer to recycle and resell computer equipment in rental format. In addition, the responsible design of digital services allows him to consider the subject as a committed opportunity.

Logo Primobox Label NR

Nuageo, the Responsible Digital Workshop

Nuageo is a consulting firm that supports you in your digital transformation in a responsible way. This support is based on 3 principles:

  • A systemic approach that starts with usage, asking the question “why” are we using IT?
  • A generalist approach to IS, based on concrete expertise to ensure the operational reality of our recommendations, and to help you implement them.
  • A sensible, reasoned approach to IT as a tool for your teams, your organization and the planet.

A company with a mission based on the perma-company model, its raison d’être is to “guide human beings towards sustainable digital uses with positive impacts, to contribute to a free and inclusive society.”

Logo Oodrive


Open, the trusted partner of major French companies in the support of their IT & Digital transformation, is part of a permanent approach of Proximity & Excellence.

Created in 1989, Open is now a leader in digital services, thanks in particular to the strategic and innovative vision of its co-Presidents, the unwavering commitment of its employees and a strategy to acquire technological expertise, in the IT and Digital sectors.

Open is committed to ensuring the dissemination of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to its employees, customers and suppliers, particularly by promoting respect for the environment and societal initiatives.

«Making digital a vector of transformation for a world respectful of human and environmental values».
Its purpose is to guide the implementation of a Responsible Digital approach; an approach aimed at significantly reducing the environmental, social and economic footprint of the company’s information system and its business.

Logo - Paradigm.Brussels - Label NR


A public interest organization, Paradigm plays a major role in terms of digital transformation in the Brussels Region. As an orchestrator of the digital capabilities of regional public institutions, Paradigm ensures the consistency, mutualization and transversality of digital projects deployed while accelerating the transition for the benefit of all.

Paradigm’s new missions as a manager, coordinator, trigger and catalyst of solutions allow it to develop a multitude of ICT projects, under the supervision of the Cabinet of the Minister in charge of the Digital Transition.



As a digital company, PIC DIGITAL deploys tailored Big Data (BI) solutions based on intelligent algorithms that aggregate and organize large volumes of heterogeneous data. We develop dashboards and decision-making tools that are deployed in many areas: in the defence sector to facilitate decision support and fleet management solutions, in agriculture to optimize the yield of irrigation systems (IoT) or in industry to improve productivity and overall performance. Expert in digital transformation, we design portals that value data and user experience to improve the performance of the organization and optimize the customer relationship.

Logo Primobox Label NR


Primobox delivers SaaS virtualization and e-signature services to help companies simplify, secure, and structure document exchanges with their employees and clients. Its core goal is to support its clients’ digital transformation. Client satisfaction is Primobox’s priority.

Logo Pro It Conseil Label NR


Pro IT Conseila member of the ADN (Alliance du Numérique) network, is an IT engineering services company that serves VSEs and SMEs. Thanks to its expertise in information systems, Pro IT Conseil offer solutions tailored to meet its clients’ unique needs on time and on budget.

Logo Etat de Genève Label NR

Republic and Canton of Geneva

The Republic and Canton of Geneva (State of Geneva) is one of the 26 sovereign cantons that make up the Swiss Confederation. 

Logo Etat de Genève Label NR

Roches Pharma France

Roches Phrama France: As a leading investor in healthcare innovation and a world leader in oncology, the Roche Group is at the forefront of scientific and therapeutic progress, acting today for the health of tomorrow. Its subsidiary Roche France employs nearly 800 people working every day to diagnose and treat cancers, rare diseases such as hemophilia, cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy, and neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Logo Saint-Lô agglo Label NR

Saint-Lô Agglo

Saint-Lô Agglo is an agglomeration community located in the heart of the Manche department in Normandy. Founded on January 1, 2014, it brings together 61 towns with nearly 80,000 residents, has 320 employees, and is run by a community council of 97 elected officials appointed by the member municipalities. Its purpose is to unite these municipalities to develop a strategy to boost the area’s appeal, develop the area, and expand resident services.

Logo Etat de Genève Label NR

Republic and Canton of Geneva

The Republic and Canton of Geneva (State of Geneva) is one of the 26 sovereign cantons that make up the Swiss Confederation. 

Logo SFI Label NR


SFI is a digital services company with 28 employees, founded in 1995 and committed to sustainable development since 2009. Its strong technical team designs and creates custom online platforms, websites, and smartphone and tablet applications for professionals in all industries. SFI also offers consulting services (digital strategy marketing, site audits, quality audits, data analysis, etc.) to help its clients navigate their digital transformation and grow their business. SFI also publishes POL, a CRM software package sold as SaaS.



Created in 1993, SIG-IMAGE, publisher of software and services dedicated to public works, is a key player in its field. SIG-IMAGE publishes business solutions dedicated to the management of outdoor networks: public lighting, electricity, gas, telecom, water. It meets the expectations of communities and companies throughout the life cycle of a network structure. Its clients include Bouygues Construction, Eiffage Energie, Vinci and large urban trade unions. Its solutions enable them to digitize, manage and maintain network structures. Its business experience and constant investments in research and innovation have enabled it to be the first company to offer a complete range of interconnected digital solutions that support its customers throughout the life of their worksites.

Logo SFI Label NR


In 1980, SOM, the ORTEC Group’s “Service Organisation Méthodes”, was created to meet the needs of refineries.

Since then, SOM has expanded its range of services to include multi-disciplinary studies, calculations, general installation, project management assistance, training, site engineering, etc., through the development of innovative services drawing on the synergies of in-house skills. SOM has positioned itself as a partner to major contractors, mainly in France, in a wide range of industrial sectors: energy, transport, aerospace, naval and defense. SOM has capitalized on its knowledge, through its own activities and those of the ORTEC Group, to enrich and apply it to its customers’ processes, projects and products.

Our teams are involved throughout the project lifecycle, from upstream processes such as needs analysis, research and development, and engineering, to downstream processes such as maintenance, logistics and operations. SOM’s quality policy is based on customer satisfaction, personal safety and respect for the environment.

SOM branches are certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 by AFNOR, as well as CEFRI-E. In close proximity to its customers, each of SOM’s design offices focuses on specific areas of expertise, and brings together the appropriate know-how, management, tools and resources.

Logo Spartearth Label NR


Sopht is the first GreenOps platform to decarbonize corporate IT, based on accurate, automated measurement.

Logo - Sopra Steria - Label NR

Sopra Steria 

Sopra Steria, one of Europe’s leading tech companies recognized for its consulting, digital services and software publishing activities, helps its customers drive their digital transformation and achieve concrete and sustainable benefits. It provides a global response to the competitiveness challenges of large companies and organizations, combining in-depth knowledge of business sectors and innovative technologies with a resolutely collaborative approach. Sopra Steria places people at the center of its action and is committed to its customers to make the most of digital to build a positive future. With 47,000 employees in nearly 30 countries, the Group generated revenue of €4.7 billion in 2021.

Logo Spartearth Label NR


Spartearth, a consulting company founded in 2019, partners with industrial, telecoms, and tertiary companies. Spartearth specializes in engineering and technology consulting and strives to develop a virtuous cycle of prosperity for its clients, employees, and partners. 

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Synaxe was created 20 years ago to digitalise the construction industry, through 4 solutions:

  • Dune, a software suite to automate your quarry (access, loading, delivery, production optimisation)
  • SX Delivery, to digitise delivery notes
  • Effidata, to optimise the industrial efficiency of your production tools
  • Latitudes BI, a business intelligence solution dedicated to industry

These solutions are used by more than 250 sites across Europe: quarries, concrete plants, asphalt plants, recycling platforms. Among its customers: HeidelbergCement Group, Cementir, Calcia, Colas and Eiffage…

Pioneers of the connected quarry and at the cutting edge of technology in concrete batching plants, each of our solutions is an adapted and personalised response to an initial customer need. We are a team of reliable and ingenious experts, passionate about our business.

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Triliz makes IT fleet management simple and easy for SMEs so they can limit the environmental impact of their IT usage.
The Triliz team has developed an SaaS solution so companies can rent the IT equipment their employees need and access ultra-responsive, ultra-efficient IT support.
More than 100 French businesses have already opted for its all-in-one offer, designed to let them focus on their core business, preserve their cash flow, and optimize the employee experience.

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Veremes is a digital service company specializing in geographic data processing, IT development and training.
It distributes FME (Safe Software) in France and is the editor of the Webmapping vMap software. Its clients belong to the public or private sector and have large accounts and small structures throughout the country.

Veremes operates throughout France. Its branches are located in Occitanie, Rhône-Alpes, Brittany.

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XDEMAT is a consulting firm specialized in electronic archiving and dematerialization created in 2011. XDEMAT covers all functional areas related to the dematerialization of processes and document management as a whole to meet the challenges of Information Governance, with a wide range of expertise: AMOA, audit and consulting, training and support, monitoring and R&D.

Sustainable IT Label Applicants  

Sustainable IT Label Applicants  

Candidates for the Sustainable IT label – Level 2

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GIE Systèmes d’information et numérique

With more than 530,000 social, intermediate and free rental housing, CDC Habitat is a major player in housing in France with GIE Systèmes d’information et numérique. Present in all regions and overseas, our 10,000 employees work daily to meet your housing requests and make your life easier.

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Télécom Saint-Etienne

Télécom Saint-Étienne is a major public engineering school in the digital sector, affiliated to the Institut Mines-Télécom, internal to the Jean-Monnet University and a member of the University of Lyon. Télécom Saint-Étienne has a start-up incubator, is backed by 3 research laboratories and a university research school.

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Kaléo creates audiovisual and digital experiences at the heart of exhibition scenographies or new media, with a sensory and creative touch.

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La Métropole Européenne de Lille

La Métropole Européenne de Lille  brings together 95 municipalities and more than a million inhabitants in a territory that is both rural and urban, made up of large towns and villages. It organizes its services around 11 centers managing all of its skills and today operates in 20 essential areas serving its users.

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SNCF Connect

SNCF Connect  offers a range of services intended for booking train tickets and everyday transport

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BU Collissimo

BU Colissimo  is the simple sending and delivery of parcels with sending solutions adapted to your needs

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DSI du Groupe ADP

Groupe ADP  is a world leader in airport operations. To serve its ambitions in France and internationally, the group relies on a unique network of 27 airports at the end of 2022, operated under management contracts or concessions, and on a pool of skills and know-how. placed at the service of local markets.

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ON-X has 36 years of experience in consulting and information systems. Digital transformation is obviously our daily background music. Of course, the evolution of infrastructures and information systems, the Cloud, cybersecurity, virtual reality. We orchestrate these issues with passion.

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My Training box

My training box is a platform for distributing digital content with free and open access on sustainable development in several sectors: Agriculture, Construction, Health, CSR, Tourism, etc.

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For nearly 100 years, Saft has provided its customers with batteries with ever-longer lifespans for backup power and propulsion in their critical applications.

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Groupe Dubreuil

The Dubreuil group is a family group established for 4 generations. Originally specializing in wholesale groceries and the sale of petroleum products, the Group has gradually diversified into new activities, taking care to always maintain its commercial soul and remain attentive to needs. of its customers

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ARCESI is France’s leading group of ESNs and Entreprises Adaptées, Sociales et Solidaires. It recruits a majority of people with disabilities, in order to integrate/reintegrate them into the world of work, highlighting their skills and taking into account their health constraints, with regard to disability.

The company is organized around 3 business divisions: Applications, Engineering and Systems & Networks Infrastructures. ARCESI has been promoting inclusion since its creation, and has decided to implement a Responsible Digital approach since 2019, through its membership of INR. To date, a working group has been set up to work on this subject and several employees have been certified.

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Since its creation, the ACENSI Group has been positioned between a generalist consultancy and a specialist ESN, and for 17 years has been helping more than 90 customers to manage their IT projects. We provide consultancy, application development and IT infrastructure maintenance in sensitive areas, while maintaining the efficiency of customer and revenue management.

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AddixGroup, the first French IT engineering group specializing in digital transformation, offers a range of technological and B2B hubs through its three business offers:

  • Technical assistance for software development (AddixWare)
  •  Consulting and expertise in data leveraging (AddixData)
  •  Cloud solutions and virtualization (AddixCloud)


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The Adipso digital agency masters and develops digital techniques to satisfy the needs of its users and offer them a real browsing experience. From the creation of websites and e-commerce stores to the development of mobile applications, we place the user at the center of a multi-media communication, to compose the best digital strategy for them!


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Boursorama is a pioneer and leader in its three core businesses: online banking, online brokerage and online financial information. With development focused on new customer expectations, simplicity and efficiency, as well as security and lower costs, Boursorama consolidates its position as a major banking player in France every year.

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Since 2015, BRAINYTECH has been supporting and advising you on all your web, graphics and technology projects, offering you customised solutions tailored to your needs, expectations, budget and constraints. BRAINYTECH works with you to imagine and design your project, from the needs analysis stage right through to production, including conception, design and development, not forgetting consultancy, monitoring and training.

Logo - Communauté de communes Maremne Adour Côte Sud - Label NR

Communauté de communes Maremne Adour Côte Sud

Created in 2002, the Communauté de communes Maremne Adour Côte-Sud is an Établissement Public de Coopération Intercommunale (EPCI) bringing together 23 communes in the south of the Landes region. It is chaired by Pierre Froustey, Mayor of Vieux-Boucau, and has a population of over 70,000.

It offers its residents sustainable development of the region, combining environmental and economic development with services for families and high-quality cultural and sports facilities for all ages and levels of ability.

Logo - Communauté de communes Maremne Adour Côte Sud - Label NR

Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform

Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform (CA-GIP) brings together 80% of the Group’s IT production, infrastructure and technology platforms.
CA-GIP represents a workforce of over 4,000 people, including 1,900 employees at 17 sites in France! CA-GIP’s objective? To meet the challenges of the digital revolution, which the Crédit Agricole Group is facing in order to strengthen its competitive position. CA-GIP’s ambition is to develop new platforms adapted to digital practices, while guaranteeing a high level of security and confidentiality. Not forgetting to assert and demonstrate their strong commitment to CSR, for example through the eco-design of their solutions.

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Since 2004, KEY4EVENTS has been a global operator of technological solutions for event organizers. Today, KEY4EVENTS wants to be a player in the transition and respond to it with its business expertise.

Logo KEY4EVENTS - Label NR

La DSI BSCC du Groupe La Poste

On a daily basis, the Information Systems Department supports BSCC in its digital transformation strategy, by building and upgrading its Information System (IS). It responds to the expectations of the Business Units (BUs) by aligning itself with the Group’s strategy.

In line with the Group’s commitment in April 2021 to become a “company with a mission”, the BSCC IS Department is committed to promoting an “Ethical, Inclusive and Frugal” IS.

Logo L'Ebullition Créative - Label NR

L’Ebullition Créative

L’ébullition Créative is your communications and web agency. As an ambassador for authentic French savoir-faire and craftsmanship, it puts the quality of your products and services in the spotlight.

Its mission? To help you stand out from the crowd by revealing your true potential and supporting you every step of the way, from strategy to completion. L’ébullition Créative offers its vision, its expertise, and its creative resources for a successful partnership based on trust and dialog. Let’s work together to focus on CSR practices so we can move towards an ethical and sustainable approach to business.

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Le Conseil Départemental des Hauts-de-Seine

The Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council is the administrative institution of the French department of Hauts-de-Seine, located in the Île-de-France region. Hauts-de-Seine is one of the richest and most densely populated departments in France, and its departmental council plays a key role in the management of local affairs.

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IDEEE is a digital services company (ESN) committed to supporting companies in the evolution of their IS by choosing a responsible digital approach.

Logo - myCloud - Agence LUCIE


Mymétic is a communications agency that wants to do more than just reduce the environmental impact of communications. We want to make it better. To bring ethics and transparency back into this discipline. Its aim is not just to meet the needs of its clients, but to raise awareness of the environmental impact of communication and how to reduce it.

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RATP Habitat

RATP Habitat, formerly Logis-Transports, is the RATP group’s social housing subsidiary. It manages a rental portfolio of more than 8,400 social housing units and produces more than 500 homes a year. These homes (social and intermediary rental, student or young worker residences, home ownership) are intended for RATP employees (36% of tenants are RATP employees), but also for prospective tenants proposed by the State and local authorities.

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The IT departments of the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

The City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg’s “Sustainable IT” project aims to unite and structure isolated initiatives like printing reduction and data cleaning campaigns taken in recent years to create a single, consistent mission for its scope.

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SoftFluent is an ESN expert in development on Microsoft technologies elected to the Great Place To Work Awards in 2016 and 2020, during its two candidacies. With the ambition of being the benchmark company for the entire Microsoft development project cycle, the company is at the forefront of innovation in C#, Azure, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, SQL Server, TypeScript, Xamarin and technologies such as Unity, Angular and React. The passion and expertise of our developers and consultants, as well as our corporate culture, contribute to the spirit of a human-scale company where life is good, and which belongs to its employees thanks to an employee shareholding plan that is unique on the market on this scale. With over 90% of its employees shareholders, SoftFluent was awarded the grand prize of the Fédération de l’Actionnariat Salarié.

Logo ADEME - Label NR

Tessi Conseil et Intégration France

Tessi Conseil et intégration France (formerly Tessi documents services), is the French subsidiary of the Tessi group, a major player in Business Process Services Our mission: We improve corporate performance by optimizing business processes and customer experience management through a unique combination of human expertise and technology. We focus on customer relations and the digital customer journey, from the initial contact to the management of business processes, right through to payment. In this way, our offerings enable you to operate a high-quality service while remaining focused on your core business.

Candidates for the Sustainable IT label – Level 1



Adimeo is an IT consulting service that works with you to imagine and build a sustainable future. Convinced that the transformation of the world is necessarily digital but a responsible, committed, attentive to users and focused on value creation.



NetExplorer, experts in file management for more than 15 years, highly secure and certified solutions are hosted in their trusted cloud to guarantee organizations total control of their data.



TEKSIAL is an energy efficiency services company. Its mission: to contribute to a more sustainable world. It supports individuals, businesses and communities by offering tailor-made solutions at each stage of their energy efficiency project.


Région Normandie

Région Normandie, an open and dynamic region. Its heritage is listed by UNESCO



ACCSYS ENGINEERING is a design, audit, research and development office.

Expert in BIM, ACCSYS ENGINEERING assists you in your BIM Management missions through  digitalization (3D acquisition of bulidings and facilities), information modeling and processing (3D to 5D modeling) thanks to its different tools and process while ensuring a collaboration all along the project.


Achat Solutions

ACH@T SOLUTIONS is the French Group bringing together professional publishers with expertise in purchasing and transport, dedicated to the public sector and its private partners. Its ambition is to bring public buyers and private partners together sustainably thanks to its innovative solutions.

Logo Adista Label Nr


Adista a Hosted Services Operator, is France’s top alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator and an IT and voice specialist. 

Logo Aika - Label NR


AIKA is a startup that specializes in artificial intelligence for GreenTech and Smart Mobility.
Its core activity is developing sector-specific web applications that companies can use to reduce their carbon footprint.

Logo Akompano - Label NR


AKYOS is a 100% Dijon-based web communications agency specialising in web media. Our services range from the development of web solutions to digital communication and marketing. We offer you the opportunity to share our expertise and support you in your digital projects.



Digital partner for all your impact projects, Aneol brings your IT strategies to life with a global offer integrating IS improvement, Cloud services, Web services and training.



Created in 1993, ASI is a digital expertise firm with 7 agencies in France and 500 talents. Our vocation is to design and develop tailor-made, end-to-end digital services.

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Apprentis d’Auteil

A Catholic foundation recognized as being of public interest since 1929, Apprentis d’Auteuil is committed to the prevention and protection of childhood. In France and abroad, we develop programs of welcome, education, training and integration to give back to the more than 40,000 young people and 8,000 vulnerable families we support in France, what they lack most: confidence. With our international partners, we take care of 15,000 young people and families in over 31 countries around the world.



At Attineos, we surf on a state of mind that places attitude on the same level as skills! Attineos’ “Atti” comes from there!

The right Attitude, at the service of our customers: to carry out their most ambitious technological projects!
Serving Tineos (that’s what our employees are called!): to help them grow! Progress and have fun!
In the service of the planet and its inhabitants: because that is also a business today, a means of collectively committing to the service of society and our environment

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AVANT-GARDE OUTRE MER is an IT Services Group that has been specialising for 20 years in the integration of infrastructure solutions for key accounts, public authorities and SMEs in the French overseas departments and territories.AVANT-GARDE OUTRE MER 



AvenAo Industrie, a subsidiary of Prodways Group, specializes in the integration of 3D tools intended for industrial innovation – AvenAo, By Prodways Group: Integrator of CAD, Simulation, and Technical Documentation solutions – PDM Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. – 3DSERVICAD, Prodways Group: Designer delegation service for manufacturers



Since the creation of Bewizyu, we have imagined high-performance digital products using the power of collective intelligence.


Commune de Saint-Gély-du-Fesc


Cloud Santé

Cloud Santé offers a hosting and outsourcing service that complies with the provisions of HDS approval and certification for the hosting of personal health data. Euris Cloud Santé acts as an approved & certified Health Data Host and as a trusted third party.



Désirade is a digital services company specializing in small applications for 26 years in Toulouse and Lyon. Our mission is to professionalize the Small Apps that businesses need in addition to large management software to make our clients’ IS more agile. We develop local IT with our skills, tools and methods which aim to secure and maintain these small applications. Our pillars are based on two axes: serving our customers well and moving forward as a team.



Less than 4% of websites are designed to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Fonts, line spacing, menu position, colors… FACIL’iti personalizes the display of your website to open it to a wider audience.



KAIRN helps territories measure, analyze and act for digital technology in the service of responsible tourism. As a Company with a mission, Kairn’s purpose is to be useful to responsible tourism, to contribute to the generalization of this more virtuous tourism, by supporting destinations in their responsible digital strategy, around 3 fundamental axes: – reduce the impact of their digital tools – reduce the impact of tourism thanks to their digital tools and innovative solutions mapped by Kairn – improve their societal impact thanks to their digital tools


IFIS Interactive

IFIS Interactive is the digital partner for skills development through online training for Healthcare Industry employees.



SYNEOR Consulting has been supporting the local public sector in its transformations for more than 10 years. The team, made up of consultants all experienced (5 to 25 years of experience), brings excellent knowledge of public policies, professions, regulations and the culture specific to public service.



A Parisian and Burgundian start-up, Interstis is a collaborative platform that simplifies teamwork and structures exchanges within organizations by relying on cloud technologies. Communicate better, manage projects efficiently, secure your data in France, while being easy to use, highly configurable and accessible everywhere: Interstis responds to the challenges of networking stakeholders, particularly within decentralized organizations such as the various services of a company, administrations or associations.


IMP France

IPM France creates innovative solutions dedicated to digitalizing the offerings and services of its customers in the Mobility, Healthcare, Leisure and Smart City sectors.

IPM France delivers turnkey projects with a comprehensive and proven offering: consulting and support, design, manufacturing (Made in France), software integration, application, deployment, supervision, maintenance in operational conditions, customer journey data.  IPM France is the choosen company for successful interactive kiosk projects: management of large-scale projects, adaptation to customer needs, innovative solutions, rapid deployment…



At Openscop, we are not limited to a graphic designer label.
We love our job too much for that.
Our graphic interventions are carried out in a collaborative approach, being proactive, right through to completion.
We work hand in hand with local printers, with whom we expand our areas of expertise day after day.



What we love about Kobalt?

Creating custom applications that are well-built, enjoyable to use, and built to last.

 How do we do it?

  1. We have a highly dedicated team of Swiss Army knives.
  2. We are partners with our clients, not just service providers.
  3. We work with method and precision.
  4. We use the best open-source tools.

    What do we offer?

     Customized support throughout the project, from design to application maintenance, including development and hosting.



    Wooclap is a participatory platform that makes it easy to create interactive presentations. On Wooclap, it’s easy to use an interactive presentation, whether it’s a simple meeting icebreaker or a participatory conference.


    OBS (Orange Business Services)

    Orange Business is the Orange Group entity dedicated to businesses and organizations. Orange Business has set itself the mission of ensuring effective and sustainable digital transformation and is committed to taking action to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, invest in digital sovereignty, and promote the ethical use of data.



    Nextoo is a Digital Services Company founded in 2002 and which has 115 employees, 30% of whom are in service centers. Our businesses are consulting & expertise, design & development, and application maintenance in the areas of web/e-commerce, mobility and business applications. We are also an Agility training center (referenced QUALIOPI).


    Mind7 Consulting

    At Mind7 consulting, we support you in the evolution of your information system and its ecological impact.


    Ministère de la Culture

    The History Committee of the Ministry of Culture was established in 1993 with the aim of preserving and promoting the history of the Ministry. Its foundation is the conviction that an administration must reflect on itself, on its past and its roots, to understand its present and prepare for the future.

    Logo - Belharra - Label NR

    BigUp New business Makers

    The mission of BigUp New Business Makers is to put companies/industries/communities looking for innovation in touch with startups or innovative SMEs offering innovative solutions:

    • Via our BigUp platform or via your own white-label platform
    • Via one or more local actions in cooperation with ecosystems
    Logo - Belharra - Label NR



    BINOVA is an IT consulting company that can help you set up your IT projects. Whether you’re an SME, a local authority or a group of companies, we have the resources to become your IT partner.

    Our strength: building solutions together with the customer. We work with our customers, not just for them. Our methodology enables us to provide solutions that are better adapted and more sustainable.


    Logo C2S Bouygues


    Cascade8 is the technology arm of French media group Logical Pictures. Its activity is a direct result of the expertise of content industry professionals, including Logical Pictures (production and financing of films and series), Logical Content Ventures (financing of films and series), Pulsar Content (international sales), The Jokers Films (distribution and production), Loveboat (advertising) and other partners.

    Logo C2S Bouygues

    C2S Bouygues

    C2S is an ESN on a human scale. As a Bouygues Group Digital Services Company, we work closely with many internal and external customers, including : Bouygues Telecom, Groupe TF1, Bouygues Travaux Publics, Heineken…
    We’re seen as Digital Pathfinders, and we love it! On a daily basis, we support our customers in their digital transformations, from a technological, business and operational point of view. Our aim? To help them see things more clearly and solve their dilemmas with sobriety and pragmatism, while demonstrating expertise and agility!

    Logo Comptoir des Signaux - Label NR

    Meurthe-et-Moselle Departmental Council

    Meurthe-et-Moselle is a magnificent département at the heart of the Grand Est region and Europe. Nancy is the metropolis, 1h30 from Paris by TGV. It borders Belgium and Luxembourg. The departmental council is renowned for its local action, and its DNA of innovation and partnership work is firmly rooted in its practices. It employs 3,000 people serving 734,000 inhabitants, 609 communes and intercommunal bodies. Living in Meurthe-et-Moselle and joining the departmental council means choosing an authentic quality of life, one that gives meaning to the common good, while upholding the values of human and territorial solidarity.



    COSMO CONSULT has been one of the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners for almost 30 years, integrating all Microsoft applications as well as developing Microsoft-certified complementary industry solutions. With over 1,400 experts at 49 sites worldwide, we support companies in their digital transformation. From consulting to operational maintenance, we are involved in all stages of the digital transition: audit and diagnosis, implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), integration of collaborative tools and analytics (BI). Thanks to our mastery of data and the Microsoft universe, we are able to set up end-to-end processes (value and physical flows) for our national and international customers.

    We also bring our consulting expertise to bear on the organizational and cultural changes engendered by digital transformation.

    Logo Créasit


    Specializing in the public sector, with 98% of its references in this field, CRÉASIT is a digital communications agency established in Nantes since 2000. We work for all French local authorities, all over the country. Our experience is reflected in the creation of over 800 web projects!

    A team of 16 people with a wide range of backgrounds works every day to ensure the success of our customers’ projects, with a focus on support and responsiveness.

    Our expertise focuses on user experience, site security, web design, accessibility and limiting the environmental impact of our services.

    Logo Créasit

    Département de la Gironde

    Département de la Gironde: Secondary schools, tourism development, solidarity, social inclusion and assistance for the elderly: the Department’s areas of responsibility are vast, but they all have the same objective: to be at the heart of the concerns of the people of Gironde.

    Logo DIADAO


    DIADAO is the digital agency dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry since 2002.

    Because the ways of finding a destination on the Internet are constantly evolving, we support and advise hotels and restaurants in their digital communication and marketing strategy. We optimize their visibility and boost their direct bookings with innovative, high-performance solutions designed for a connected, demanding clientele.

    Logo DIADAO

    DIGITALL Conseil

    DIGITALL Conseil is a consultancy and training organisation dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses and organisations. Our multi-disciplinary team acts as the conductor of your digital transformation, helping you to define your new strategy and oversee its implementation using a tried and tested method for a wide range of small, medium and large businesses in all sectors of the economy.

    Logo DOING Label NR



    innovates sustainably with French companies that are seeking to grow by co-developing custom eco-designed business applications (web, mobile, connected objects) in Agile mode and in synergy with users.
    Logo DOING Label NR


    DOWiNO is a creative studio founded in 2013 whose business is to raise awareness, educate, train on issues with high social impact such as sustainable development, social responsibility, public health, disability or solidarity.

    These complex subjects require easy-to-use tools that convey emotion, pleasure and commitment, which we tailor to meet the educational objectives of each project.

    The team has designed and developed over 80 digital and physical devices to date for associations, private companies and public institutions, making DOWiNO a key player in the “game for change” and “tech for good” fields.

    Logo DOING Label NR

    Eco CO2

    Eco CO2 creates solutions to accelerate the ecological transition by changing the behavior of citizens and organizations. Since 2009, the eco-company has been deploying support programs for energy savings and sustainable mobility, designing connected solutions and carrying out studies on change management and energy management.

    Logo Evode Label NR


    Evode specializes in developing custom management software for professionals in all industries. It aims to simplify, automate, and optimize processes to make them more user-friendly and help organizations and their employees shine.

    Logo - Fortify - Label NR


    FormaLearning creates teaching resources and offers innovative, customised digital training solutions. A wide range of solutions for your projects:

    – Elearning,
    – Quizzes,
    – Mobile learning,
    – Blended learning,
    – Catalogue or customised.

    FormaLearning is an expert in banking and insurance, and our skills also extend to management and sales training, and many other areas …

    Logo - Fortify - Label NR


    A major player in HR Tech, Fortify offers innovative solutions and services to optimize HR processes and overall business performance. Our solutions & services :

    • HR software (Payroll, Time Management, HRIS, Talents)
    • HR Outsourcing
    • Audit & Consulting
    • Recruitment
    • Training

    Fortify is recognized as a major player in human resources by Décideurs Magazine in 2023:

    Label ” Strong notoriety ” – Classement Meilleurs cabinets de conseil en intégration SIRH (Best HRIS integration consultancies)
    Label ” Pratique Réputée ” – Ranking of Best HRIS Consulting Firms, Project Management, Selection Assistance, Integration

    With 30% annual growth, Fortify is regularly looking for new talent to support its development.

    Logo - ikkan - Label NR


    ikkan is a mission-driven company founded in 2022 by 2 digital and IT entrepreneurs, determined to find concrete and actionable solutions for organizations to reduce their digital environmental footprint.

    Tired of seeing the considerable damage caused by digital technology (4% of CO2/800 kg of ecological baggage per equipment/growth of ~8% years), ikkan proposes to halve the footprint of its customers’ IT fleet by providing repairable equipment in the form of the economy of use.

    Logo - La Ruche Qui Code- Label NR

    La Ruche Qui Code 

    La Ruche Qui Code is an agency that designs digital services and systems. Deeply convinced that it is possible to move the lines of digital, she decided to do it at its scale, by enrolling it in a more sober and virtuous approach. For several years now, humans have been facing a new challenge: the ecological transition.

    The result of an awareness and several years of experience in the field of software and web development, La Ruche Qui Code is determined to move the digital lines to participate in the construction of a more sober and supportive society.

    The agency believes that digital plays a key role in this transition and its impact, positive or negative, will be determined by how it is built and used. It is therefore essential that the actors of change requiring digital solutions are well supported to guarantee their digital sobriety. Also, as an expert, she has the responsibility to re-challenge her professions, to adapt and continue to improve to design more sober and sustainable solutions.

    It is by changing its methods throughout the design chain, by integrating accessibility and eco-design as foundations, that it will be possible to build a digital different, the digital of tomorrow.

    Logo - LD3D - Label NR


    At LISIO, we help organizations meet the challenge of inclusive, sober websites, intranets and business applications to communicate responsibly and sustainably with ALL audiences.
    to communicate responsibly and sustainably with ALL audiences.

    The solutions and services we develop, via R&D programs conducted in France, optimize visitors’ online experience
    with an inclusive and sober web display:

    Real-time display customized to the needs of each Internet user: disabilities, difficulties encountered by senior citizens, illiteracy, browsing in low-bandwidth areas, etc.
    in low bandwidth areas, foreign languages, dyslexia…,
    Compliance with legal requirements in terms of digital accessibility: RGAA audit and compliance,
    Measuring and reducing the carbon impact of websites: ecological display and carbon calculator.
    LISIO’s mission is to give everyone the freedom to access information and online services easily and sustainably.

    Logo - LD3D - Label NR


    Meritis is an IT consulting, management and development firm.
    Founded in 2007, Meritis is today :
    – More than 900 employees,
    – Sales of 80 M€ (projected for end 2022),
    – Geographical coverage in Paris and the French regions via our agencies in Sophia-Antipolis, Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier and Nantes, and operations in Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Grenoble and Toulouse.

    Our approach: to support our customers from start to finish and cover all their digital transformation needs through 3 intervention modes: Technical Assistance / Service or Competence Centers / Fixed Price Offers.

    Logo - LD3D - Label NR

    Mews France 

    Mews France is an independent consulting firm founded in 1992, with offices in France and Germany. It supports industry players in Europe in their transformation, and covers the entire value chain of its customers’ products and services, thanks to its cutting-edge business expertise in a multi-sector field of action.

    Mews France has made its unique positioning a differentiating factor. Able to address global issues by bringing together domain-specific expertise, the firm aims to contribute to the development of a strong and responsible industry in Europe, while acting at the heart of projects.

    Mews France helps its customers to meet the challenges of innovation, competitiveness, reindustrialization and the energy transition.

    Logo - Mobile Club - Label NR

    Mon coach Mobilité

    Mon Coach Mobilité
    In a context of constant change, marked by accelerating skills obsolescence, supporting career transitions is becoming a major challenge for society, companies and their employees.

    Our ambition is to offer the most effective solutions at a price that makes them affordable, to help everyone (whatever their socio-academic level) find their place at every stage of their career (from their first job to retirement), and to enable companies to exceed their CSR objectives (by supporting individual or collective mobility: PSE, PDV, RCC, etc.).

    Over the past 3 years, these solutions have proved their unprecedented effectiveness with all types of audience, at a price that allows the greatest number of people to be included. This effectiveness is due to their innovative pedagogy and the unique way in which they combine digital and human approaches on the one hand, and individual and collective approaches on the other.

    Logo Naviso - Label NR


    Naviso optimizes the areas of accounting and payroll management through software solutions and business applications. A partner for companies of all sizes and sectors, it distributes and integrates hosted management software and applications adapted to each organization. Based in Rennes, Brittany, Naviso equips and accompanies its customers throughout the metropolitan territory, but also overseas. Its team of consultants and trainers comes from the business management professions (accounting, payroll, trade, etc.).

    Logo Neyrial - Label NR


    OandB, the innovative & eco-responsible ticketing

    Born in Toulouse in 2015, OandB is an expert in online ticketing that aims to reduce the tech impacts of events through innovative, eco-designed solutions and a series of commitments, concrete actions. The committed team of 8 event enthusiasts supports hundreds of organizations, sports clubs and festivals in France on a daily basis.

    Logo Oodrive


    Created in 2000, Oodrive is the European leader in the trusted collaborative suite. Owned and operated in Europe, Oodrive guarantees to more than one million users the highest levels of security and privacy through
    its collaborative solutions.

    Oodrive has been providing qualified French SecNumCloud hosting since 2019. Its offers are also qualified by the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) and certified ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HDS (Health Data Hosting) and eIDAS.

    With a strong presence in France, its document sharing solutions (Oodrive Work), electronic signature solutions (Oodrive Sign) or governance meeting dematerialization solutions (Oodrive Meet) equip more than one million users from all sectors of activity. Application modules cover the uses of all infrastructures
    The French publisher now has more than 400 employees and more than 3,500 customers in 45 countries.

    Logo Oodrive


    ORSYS is the leading training institute for new digital technologies, and one of the most important players in the fields of management, personal development and business skills. It offers over 2,000 training courses, seminars and practical courses, professional curricula and certification cycles, accredited by national and international organizations.

    Logo OTO Technology

    OTO Technology

    OTO Technology is a design and integration agency for IT and digital solutions. Plural in our skills, complementary in our expertise, we combine technology and creativity. We provide our customers with unique solutions, driven by the agility of our team. In the codified field of technology, technologies in the broad sense, we bring a notion that no algorithm, no matter how powerful, can bring: the human.

    We see our clients’ projects beyond their boundaries. We have the ability to propel them beyond their initial framework. Anchored on our know-how, supported by our creativity, the framework is our line of conduct.

    Whether IT or digital solutions, we create tailor-made solutions: once our mission is complete, we entrust the ins and outs to our client. It will be able to extend in total autonomy the work done hand in hand with OTO Technology.



    Polyconseil is uniquely positioned in the digital transformation ecosystem. Resolutely high value-added, we bring together high-level profiles (digital consultants, product managers, developers, UI-UX designers, data scientists, devOps) who are versatile and capable of adapting to the specific needs of each of our customers. Always ready to innovate to meet new challenges, we implement complex projects with a strong technical component, from strategic framing to the design of digital solutions.

    Logo Sika Team - Label NR

    Sika Team

    Sika Team is a digital services company with a team of engineers and other IT professionals that offers technology consulting to support its clients as they create and develop new solutions, from project ownership to project completion.

    Logo Sika Team - Label NR

    Sir Full Service

    Sir Full Service is a cloud-based software provider for monitoring the life cycle of equipment and industrial sites:

    • WELDING CLOUD for monitoring welding quality,
    • LINSPEC CLOUD for the planning and execution of inspection actions for so-called critical equipment,
    • POWERMAINT (in progress) for equipment preventive maintenance management.
    Logo Sika Team - Label NR


    Synapse informatique shares its expertise both as a digital services company (ESN) and as a software publisher. This singularity emerged from the company’s creation in 1997, with the ambition of building efficient digital solutions through an innovative internal organization based on technical expertise and collective intelligence.

    The company’s financial independence offers maximum freedom in the choice of medium-term strategic orientations, as well as in the personalized support provided to each employee on a day-to-day basis.

    Logo Sika Team - Label NR


    Synox is a French creator of IoT solutions. As technology scouts, data explorers and drivers of innovation, we make our customers’ jobs easier by imagining high value-added IoT ecosystems: powerful and invisible, sustainable and responsible, tailored to their needs and tailored to their uses.



    Spiriit is an agency that combines technological expertise and marketing performance to accelerate and sustainably guarantee the ROI of your digital and e-commerce projects.

    Logo Triotech - Label NR

    Tessi Conseil intégration Suisse

    Tessi Conseil intégration Suisse is a subsidiary of the Tessi Group, a leading European specialist in the digitization and optimization of corporate business processes. We support the digital transformation of companies through business process delegation, software integration and hosting services.

    Logo Triotech - Label NR


    The tpg is the benchmark for sustainable mobility in the Greater Geneva region. tpg’s mission is set out in a service contract with the State of Geneva.

    Established for a period of five years, this document sets out the objectives in terms of transport services to be provided by tpg, the timetable for achieving them and the budget available. The State ensures that the contracted services are properly carried out by regularly verifying the improvement of the transport offer and ridership, the improvement of customer service quality, the reduction of environmental impact and financial control.

    The service contract is based on the public transport action plan drawn up by the cantonal transport office in application of the Mobilités 2030 strategy of the State Council. The tpg also operates routes under agreements with Geneva and French communes.

    Logo Triotech - Label NR


    Triotech is a human-sized agency, based in Montpellier (34), specialized in the custom development of software and Web & mobile applications. Its versatile and experienced team designs simple and scalable digital solutions that meet the specificities of each sector of activity.


    VALUES Associates

    Values ​​Associates is the combination of the technological approach of a publisher with the expertise of data, whatever its nature.



    For 35 years, VICI GESTION COMMERCE offers solutions to help its customers in the management of their restoration: AIDOMENU software (EGALIM, waste, allergens, local product statistics, SIQO, production, material management), SEO center (food, hygiene, equipment), AMO for public procurement (food, hygiene, equipment, laundry, catering), audits (return to self-management, work organization, central kitchen design, etc.) and training (hygiene, nutrition, vegetable nutrition, modified textures, management, etc.).


    VR interactive

    VR Interactive designs interactive virtual tours for shops, companies, museums, tourist offices and more. Whatever their trade, virtual tours provide an innovative and daring communication solution. Inexpensive and easy to set up, it becomes an ideal business card that sets them apart from their competitors, and an invitation no one can refuse!

    Logo Wivoo


    W-Seils designs and integrates Internet, extranet and intranet sites based on the TYPO3 Open Source CMS. From creating the graphics to putting the site on line, as well as ongoing and corrective TMA maintenance. W-Seils also offers :

    • Mobile applications
    • UX
    • Accessibility
    • Agility
    • Prototyping
    • SEO
    • Social networking
    Logo - Yubsis - Label NR


    Yubsis is a French digital solutions company for R&D data management, composed of experts in science and computer science. It meets the needs of scientists to collect, organize and value the data generated in the laboratory. Through a human and user-centered approach, it markets in particular an electronic laboratory notebook, a product management module, a LIMS, and modules for the research of new biomolecules (molecular biology, therapeutic antibodies). She listens to the needs of each client to identify key tools and, ultimately, promote innovation, collaboration and well-being of teams. Beyond its rapidly deployable solutions, it can create customized solutions for each organization, committed to making the most appropriate service.

    The company is committed to a responsible digital approach, aware that the uses of digital are exploding and that it is important to propose sustainable approaches both technically and humanely.

    Organizations starting their SIT process with a supervised self-audit

    Organizations starting their SIT process with a supervised self-audit

    logo-ACID-Solutions label nr


    ACID-Solutions, is a design and web development agency, human-sized company, strong with 15 years of experience and located in the city-center of Nantes.

    Committed in a CSR process, ACID-Solutions acts every day with the goal to improve its social policy and quality of work life, protect the environment and to locally engage to take part in its territorial development.

    This society is an expert in tailor-made services in the following fields :

    COMMUNICATION : visual identity, graphic design, printed and digital supports ;

    DEVELOPMENT of web and mobile applications. It adapts to the project realizations, the issues and the constraints of its clients whether it be a project or company creation. Its strength is in its capacity to comprehend the project of the clients and to adapt it under a technical form, in the most personalized way possible.

    Logo-ColibrITD - Label NR


    ColibrITD est une société de services numériques autour de la Data, du Cloud et de l’Agilité.

    Partenaire Google Cloud Platform, ColibrITD est une startup avec une activité recherche sur l’informatique quantique dirigée par le Docteur Laurent Guiraud (ancien interne de Google et d’Amazon Web Services). C’est une jeune entreprise innovante.


    Logo Elbeuf Label NR

    Commune d’Elbeuf-sur-Seine

    La ville d’Elbeuf sur Seine est située à 1h de Paris et à 20mn de Rouen. Forte d’un patrimoine industriel hérité de quatre siècles d’activité drapière, la Ville possède un centre ancien remarquable constitué de maisons à colombage et d’anciennes manufactures. Bordée par la Seine et la forêt, elle bénéficie également d’un patrimoine naturel exceptionnel.

    Logo Deveryware - Label NR


    Deveryware is the leader in investigation technologies and services for global security. It is committed to serving State, corporate, and individual security with innovative digital technologies and high added-value solutions.

    The group’s solutions can be used to speed up investigations, analyze evidence, reduce risk, and manage crises. Offers provided through its subsidiaries OAK Branch, TRACIP, and Crisotech cover digital investigation, real-time geolocation platforms, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, crisis management, and emergency communications. Deveryware generated €37M in turnover in 2020.

    Clients include the French Prime Minister’s office, the French Ministries of the Interior and Justice, and private-sector players like Total, Axa, and Veolia. Within the group, Deveryware has had an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality-Environment strategy since 2012.

    Logo ADEME - Label NR

    Information Systems Division – Letter and Packages Branch (DSI BSCC) – La Poste

    The Information System Division develops and upgrades the BSCC’s Information System (IS), providing ongoing support for its digital transformation. It meets the needs of the Business Units (BUs), in line with the Group’s strategy.

    As part of the Group’s April 2021 commitment to become a mission-driven company, the BSCC Information Systems Division has made a commitment to promote an “Ethical, Inclusive, and Frugal” IS. 

    logo euklid


    EUKLID is an IS consulting firm that specializes in consulting services for functional and organizational fields. It carefully and selectively recruits experienced consultants
    who combine technical and soft skills to maximize value creation for their clients. EUKLID serves all industries,  with a focus on banking, finance, and insurance. 


    Logo_Globe-et-Cecil-Hotel - Label NR


    Au cœur de la ville, le Globe et Cecil… Bien plus qu’un hôtel à Lyon. Passez le pas de la porte et c’est tout un esprit qui se dessine, une identité forte dans un style unique, celui d’une charmante place de vie. On y respire un véritable esprit de famille. Accueil personnalisé, élégant, moments cocoon viennent compléter les prestations de cet établissement élégant au charme historique.


    logo l ebullition créative label nr

    L’ébullition Créative – GLOBEWORKER

    Agence de communication située près de Toulouse, L’ébullition créative accompagne les professionnels dans leur communication : création d’entreprise ou de marque, professionnalisation d’une communication existante, optimisation en vue d’une évolution de votre marque ou projet, elle les aide à chaque étape jusqu’à leur réussite !


    Logo L'orange Carré - Label NR

    L’Orange Carré

    L’Orange Carré est spécialisé en communication écoresponsable. Sa mission ? Proposer la meilleure solution à ses clients pour le support de communication grâce à l’analyse de leurs besoins. L’Orange Carré trouve ainsi des supports adaptés, moins onéreux et moins impactants pour l’environnement.


    Logo-LEKSI - Label NR


    L’agence LEKSI conçoit des stratégies digitales pour l’intérêt général. Basées à Nantes, LEKSI intervient aux côtés d’entreprises, d’institutions publiques et d’ONG locales et nationales pour les aider à formuler une parole utile, accompagner des changements durables et soutenir des projets digitaux sobres.


    Logo Packtic


    Packtic supports the transition to bulk and packaging reduction on traceability, product information and customer experience issues.

    Packtic is the first consumer platform and application to connect manufacturers, businesses and consumers to ensure reliable, enriched and secure dissemination of product information, thanks to «digital packaging».


    Logo_Performance-Agency - Label nr

    Performance Agency

    Basée en Vendée, Performance Agency est une agence web spécialisée dans la création de sites Internet sur mesure, WordPress et Prestashop, et la réalisation de solutions numériques depuis 2017.

    Elle conseille ses clients dans la définition de leurs objectifs et lesaccompagne à chaque étape de leur projet digital, de la conception à la réalisation finale.

    Logo-Resilience Lab - Label NR

    Resilience Lab

    La mission de Resilience Lab : Accompagner les acteurs publics et privés vers des modèles plus sobres et résilients en adéquation avec leurs écosystèmes.

    Resilience Lab les aide à mesurer et réduire leurs impacts (carbone, déchets, biodiversité…), définir leurs valeurs, identifier leur responsabilité sociétale et aligner leur stratégie, se réinventer à travers la créativité.


    logo_Skills4all - label nr


    Skills4All est un organisme de formation en digital-learning, qui prépare à des certifications internationales en gestion de projet, agilité, transformation digitale, cyber sécurité et Intelligence artificielle.

    Son approche mixte combine des contenus digitaux hébergés sur une plateforme disponible 24/7/365 et des interactions fréquentes avec un mentor.

    Logo Troopers - Label NR


    Troopers est une agence numérique agile structurée en Scop qui réalise des applications web, mobile & métier d’envergure, à la carte selon les besoins les plus exigeants. Troopers est aussi et avant tout un collectif lié par les mêmes valeurs, celles de concevoir ensemble des projets à impact positif et de remettre en question ses pratiques pour tendre vers un numérique responsable et durable.

    Troopers accompagne ses partenaires depuis la réflexion stratégique en amont du projet et au travers de chaque phase de développement. Troopers s’appuie sur des méthodes conçues pour maximiser la création d’idées et la productivité dans le cadre d’un travail collaboratif ainsi que sur des technologies robustes, modernes et Open Source.

    Why join the sustainable IT community? 

    Why join the sustainable IT community? 

    Reduce the environmental impact of IT

    IT seems virtual but it has a major real-world impact in terms of energy consumption, raw material usage, and the electronic waste it generates. 

    With the SIT Label, your company can prove that it is implementing a rigorous green IT strategy.

    Stand out from the crowd

    Earning the SIT label means starting a process of improvement that will gradually reduce the environmental impact of IT.

    That kind of commitment can spark innovation and help your company stand out from the competition.

    Choose a rigorous label

    The SIT label is managed by Agence LUCIE, which does not have the authority to award it. 

    Organizations are audited by an external auditor and the label is awarded by a labeling committee of Green IT experts. That guarantees your commitment’s credibility.

    Save money

    Numerous studies have shown that financial performance and CSR strategies are linked. The Green IT component of CSR also creates sustainable value.

    Anticipate future regulations

    Social and environmental regulations are changing fast in response to the concerns of purchasers, individual citizens, and employees, who have increasingly high standards when it comes to CSR issues.

    Unite your teams

    By reducing the environmental impact of digital, your company can make its activity more meaningful and offer employees a chance to get involved in sustainable projects, giving them a common goal.

    The more of us there are,
    the more we can reduce the environmental impact of IT