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Sustainable IT labeled organizations  

Sustainable IT labeled organizations  

Sustainable IT Label – Level 2 holders

Logo ADEME - Label NR

IS SSC – La Poste

To successfully negotiate its transition to digital, the La Poste Group needs a high-performance IT system that incorporates digital technology into all its activities.
The IT Shared Services Center partners with all of the La Poste group divisions and subsidiaries to maintain the operational performance of their information systems. Its role is offering the best available IT solutions, from design to use. 


Logo Hello RSE Label Numérique Responsable

Hello RSE

Hello RSE is the sustainable IT purchasing specialist. It offers thousands of digital and educational resources from local vendors committed to a CSR strategy for private and public sector purchasers alike.

Logo Spécinov Label NR


Spécinov specializes in developing eco-designed web and mobile applications. With 31 years of experience in software creation, Spécinov offers expertise in software package publishing and custom app development.

VWIS logo - label nr

Veolia Water Information Systems (VWIS)

Veolia Water Information Systems, 100% subsidiary of the Veolia Group, is a center of informatic service charged of the information system development and informatic application outsourcing for water related professions.
VWIS develops and implements softwares and/or software packages necessary to information systems – manages information networks and services (Development and maintenance of digital solutions dedicated to Veolia Eau France).

Sustainable IT Label – Level 1 holders

Logo agence du climat Label Numérique Responsable

Agence du Climat

L’Agence du Climat was created as a one-stop solution provider for housing, mobility, energy, planting, and sustainable consumption in the Strasbourg metropolis. Its multi-service offer is unique and marks a key step in the response to the climate emergency and the acceleration of the implementation of the 2030 Climate Plan. 

Logo Drivecase Label NR


Drivecase has been supporting the road safety strategies of companies, local governments, non-profits, and government agencies for over seven years by offering innovative, customizable accessories designed to address a wide range of issues. About a year ago, Drivecase launched a medical and first aid range featuring first aid products, disposable protective equipment, first aid kits and PPE. Drivecase is a digital company that offers innovative, customizable safety and mobility devices on its website.

Logo E-Volve Label NR


E-VOLVE is a digital transformation consulting firm that helps its clients define digital strategies all the way through the training phase, including the selection and integration of software solutions.
Its business model is based on connecting independent consultants with its clients.

E-VOLVE serves clients across all economic sectors, from retail to banking, insurance, services, industry, and beyond.

It facilitates a network of more than 350 consultants who are qualified for business or technical assignments and currently has 130 projects under way.

Logo Emakina Label NR


Emakina.FR is an international digital agency and a part of the Emakina Group. Emakina is an ambassador for users, centering the digital experience around their desires and expectations. That approach offers the agency’s clients and their brands a unique relationship with their new leaders: digital-era consumers.

Logo Enedis Label Numérique Responsable

 Enedis – Paris Regional Division

Enedis has been an independent subsidiary of the EDF group since 2008. Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network across 95% of France and provides all technical services (connection to the grid, repairs, meter readings, etc.), no matter which provider customers select.



GCSMS ISI (“IT and Information Systems” Social and Medical-Social Cooperative Grouping) was founded in January 2010 at the initiative of 3 non-profits in the sector. It currently has 8 members, representing about 4,500 employees. This GCSMS exists to provide its members with custom IT services that meet very specific needs and day-to-day support for management of multiyear projects.

Logo Inflexsys Label NR


InfleXsys is a digital services company that specializes in developing custom business mobile applications and interfaces for connected objects.

Logo Jean-Marc Doucet Label NR

Jean-Marc Doucet

Jean-Marc Doucet is an adult education and online training project management provider. It helps training organizations transition their training offers to online formats. As a recognized Moodle expert, Jean-Marc Doucet also provides a service offer for Moodle usage.

Logo Spartearth Label NR


Spartearth, a consulting company founded in 2019, partners with industrial, telecoms, and tertiary companies. Spartearth specializes in engineering and technology consulting and strives to develop a virtuous cycle of prosperity for its clients, employees, and partners. 

Logo Triliz Label NR


Triliz makes IT fleet management simple and easy for SMEs so they can limit the environmental impact of their IT usage.
The Triliz team has developed an SaaS solution so companies can rent the IT equipment their employees need and access ultra-responsive, ultra-efficient IT support.
More than 100 French businesses have already opted for its all-in-one offer, designed to let them focus on their core business, preserve their cash flow, and optimize the employee experience.

Sustainable IT Label holders (old framework)

Ancien référentiel

logo ADEME - Label NR

ADEME IT Division

ADEME, the energy transition agency, is a French public institution of an industrial and commercial nature (EPIC) founded in 1991. It is profoundly committed to fighting climate change and resource depletion. ADEME is active across the board in getting individuals, economic players, and local governments involved by giving them the resources to move toward a less resource-hungry, lower-carbon, and more just and harmonious society. 

Logo antic pays basque -  label NR

Antic Pays Basque

Antic Pays Basque has been the Basque country’s regional IT development agency for over two decades. It exists to innovate, provide support, and promote digital best practices for the public and private sectors, schools, and individuals. Its 2021-2023 roadmap “For more accessible, more sustainable IT” aims to foster the development of sustainable IT in the Basque country.

Logo ADEME - Label NR

ATMO Grand-Est

ATMO Grand Est is a non-profit organization certified by the French Ministry for the Environment. It is tasked with air quality monitoring in the Grand Est region of eastern France under the LAURE Act of December 30, 1996 on air and rational energy use, which constitutes part of the environmental code.

Logo Bivwak - Label NR


BivwAk! by BNP Paribas, is a program designed to accelerate and support the transformation of the BNP Paribas group thanks to a unique set of resources that help entities, teams, and employees bring their projects to life, take an active role in shaping their future, and take on the complexity inherent in their ecosystem.

logo région bretagne - label NR

Brittany Regional Council

The Regional Council, a elected assembly chosen by Breton voters, is involved in most aspects of daily life and the future of Brittany, including education transportation, economic development, regional development, culture, sports, and the environment. 

Logo Ville de La Rochelle - Label NR

City of La Rochelle Communications Department

La Rochelle is a coastal city in southwestern France and serves as the prefecture of the Charente-Maritime department. The City of La Rochelle’s communications department is committed to communicating sustainably citywide through the Sustainable IT label.

Logo EDF - Label NR


The EDF group, a major player in the energy transition, is an integrated energy company that operates across the energy value chain, from production to transportation, distribution, wholesaling, and energy and energy services sales. As the world leader in low-carbon energy, the Group has developed a diversified production mix of nuclear, hydraulic, thermal, and new types of renewable production. The Group helps supply energy and services to some 38.9 million clients, including 28.8 million in France.

EDF SA is the Group’s production, wholesale, and energy sales arm.

EDF SA’s digital services are carried and delivered to EDF group entities by the DTEO.



Founded over 40 years ago, the Infotel group has become a major European player in corporate digital transformation. As a privileged partner of major companies’ business and IT divisions, Infotel has both functional and technical expertise. The Group helps its clients manage and upgrade their IT assets and offers consulting and innovation services for business and IT divisions.

Infotel specializes in end-to-end digital transformation. It co-develops transformation plans, co-designs offers, services, and customer journeys, and jointly implements changes to internal processes and operational action plans in agile mode. Infotel is also a software publisher with a full range of products for large servers, with Insoft-Infotel. 


Logo Isia - Label NR


Isia is a digital services company that provides support to businesses across all industries as they go digital. Isia offers a wide range of services, from consulting to project assessment, the design phase, and the development of specific web, mobile, desktop, IOT, and artificial intelligence applications.

Logo ADEME - Label NR

Madison Communication

Madison Communication is a digital-centric communications agency that offers a sustainable approach to communication. From strategy to eco-designed websites and social media management, it aims to shrink the IT environmental footprint of its clients’ communication campaigns and offer fully-accessible digital content. Madison Communication builds long-term communication strategies that carefully align its clients’ actions and messaging, with a focus on positive, verified, ethical communication. 

Logo Open Studio - Label NR


OpenStudio is an ISO 9001-certified digital services company that has operated in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse, and Puy-en-Velay for 14 years. Its agencies specialize in custom web and e-commerce development.

OpenStudio is committed to sustainable digital innovation.

Logo Rzilient - Label NR


rzilient helps companies achieve IT management that isn’t just simpler but also, and most importantly, more circular and sustainable.
rzilient provides its 70+ clients with a full range of reliable certified reconditioned digital devices, available for lease and purchase, as well as a full suite of IT support services via its integrated management platform to help them monitor and optimize use of their equipment and keep it working longer.
That approach enables its clients to make progress on their sustainability objectives as part of a Corporate Sustainable IT (CSIT) strategy, the new pillar of CSR.


Label Services Industriels de Genève - Label NR

Services Industriels de Genève – Energy

SIG is a Swiss local utilities distributor. It serves 228,000 water, gas, electricity, and heating customers in the canton of Geneva. SIG also provides wastewater treatment, recycling, energy, and telecommunications services. It seeks to advance sustainable development by promoting smarter, more frugal consumption.


Logo Spie ICS


SPIE ICS the digital services subsidiary of SPIE France, supports the digital transformation of its mid-sized and large corporate clients with a comprehensive ICT solutions offer. SPIE ICS uses its expertise and digital skills to advance its clients’ performance and users’ well-being.

With 3,200 employees and 60 sites in France, SPIE ICS offers a local presence that is unique on the market, enabling it to develop custom solutions with its clients. SPIE ICS draws on both its historic expertise in integration and IT management for infrastructure and digital workspaces and the incorporation of new types of expertise and innovating in datacenters, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and smart data and IoT.


Logo ADEME - Label NR


SWAT is a web agency that specializes in creating and referencing WordPress, PrestaShop, and Shopify websites. It seeks to give entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs and communications professionals the resources they need to achieve their goals. SWAT does that with a pragmatic approach, targeted support, well-oiled processes, and positive support staff. SWAT isn’t just another agency. It is a technical, ethical partner for organizations that want to do digital differently. 

Logo VR Conseil - Label NR

VR Conseil

VR Conseil is a consulting and information systems engineering company that specializes in Banking and Market Finance.
Founded in 2004, it provides top-notch support to meet all of its consultants’ expectations.
VR Conseil sees its role as supporting its clients—major finance accounts—with their unique projects and challenges over the course of long-term collaborations.
It provides expertise in implementing projects like tool and application maintenance all the way from Front Office to Back Office.
As a company on a human scale, VR Conseil maintains close, trusted relationships with all its team members.

Logo Wonderfull - Label NR


Wonderful actively observes society, augmented by all the power of digital. It harnesses its expertise and the power of the collective imagination to serve companies, brands, and institutions.

Founded in 1993, Wonderful is a consulting firm that is constantly evolving, driven by purposeful optimism and endless enthusiasm.

That strong historic commitment lies behind its decision to join the LUCIE community and obtain the Sustainable IT label as an extension of its commitment to and with  society.

Sustainable IT Label Applicants  

Sustainable IT Label Applicants  

Sustainable IT Label Applicants

(before September 2021)

Logo Addixware - Label NR


AddixGroup, the first French IT engineering group specializing in digital transformation, offers a range of technological and B2B hubs through its three business offers:

  • Technical assistance for software development (AddixWare)
  •  Consulting and expertise in data leveraging (AddixData)
  •  Cloud solutions and virtualization (AddixCloud)


Logo ADEME - Label NR

The IT departments of the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

The City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg’s “Sustainable IT” project aims to unite and structure isolated initiatives like printing reduction and data cleaning campaigns taken in recent years to create a single, consistent mission for its scope.

logo SMO Mayenne THD

SMO Mayenne THD

SMO Mayenne THD manages the Public Initiative Network project spearheaded by the EPCI (public establishment for intercommunal cooperation), the department of Mayenne, and Pays de la Loire Region to roll out a 100% network throughout Mayenne.


Candidates for the Sustainable IT label – Level 2

Logo AIOS SH Label NR


AIOS SH founded by a group of IT engineers, is a purpose-driven company that specializes in creating and overhauling complex, resilient, high-quality applications. The AIOS SH team works on latest generation micro-service architectures and publishes software.

Logo CDC Informatique - Label NR

CDC Informatique

CDC Informatique, the IT subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, is a global IT and digital services operator founded as an Economic Interest Group (EIG). It is majority-owned by Caisse des Dépôts.

Caisse des Dépôts was founded in 1816 to manage private funds and rebuild trust in public credit. It serves as a trusted third-party. CDC Informatique translates that historic commitment into its area of expertise, digital technology, by guaranteeing the confidentiality, security, and integrity of CDC’s data and information systems.

As part of its mission to serve the public interest, CDC Informatique implemented a CSR policy in 2009 and has been expanding it ever since, particularly with an ambitious Sustainable IT policy.

Logo CET Label NR

Central Europe Technologies 

Central Europe Technologies (CET) is the BNPP Personal Finance Shared Service Center based in Bucharest (Romania).

The CET provides business application development and management, testing, and technology services for over half of BNP Personal Finance’s subsidiaries.

The products that CET creates and maintains over the long term benefit thousands of Personal Finance users worldwide. 

Logo-EmpreinteDigitale - label nr

Empreinte Digitale

Empreinte Digitale is a cooperative society, creator of costumised and sustainable digital solutions.

With its 56 collaborators, the company works hand-in-hand with its costumers, to facilitate their business processes.


Logo Fortuneo - Agence LUCIE

Fortuneo Banque

Fortuneo is an online bank, commercial brand of the breton group Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, a cooperative, mutualist and non trated group, where each member participates in collective decision-making.

Fortuneo offers a wide range of services for individuals : bank accounts, regulated and non regulated bank books, real estate loans, provision of investment services, life insurances, as well as consumer credit solutions.

Fortuneo is commited in its work as a responsible banker and assists the costumers in their environmental shift.

Logo BNP PF Label NR

International Development Resources as Services SA (IDRAS)

South Europe Technologies (SET), or International Development Resources As a Service (IDRAS), is a fully-owned subsidiary of Banco Cetelem, founded in 2005 and based in Madrid (Spain).
SET is a shared service center that provides qualified development, business application management, architecture management, and IT risk management for over half of BNP Personal Finance’s subsidiaries (18 client countries worldwide).
The products that SET creates and maintains over the long term benefit thousands of Personal Finance users worldwide.


Logo JALIOS Label Numérique Responsable


JALIOS is France’s leading Intranet, Digital Workplace, Cloud, and On-Premise publisher. It supports its clients’ digital transformation to make their organizations more efficient and their employees’ work more fulfilling, whether they’re in-office, remote, in the field, or on the go.

Logo Klee Group Label NR

Klee Group

Klee a creator of digital business solutions, supports its clients’ transformation through its Consulting, Digital Integration, Application Management, and Products activities.

Logo L'Ebullition Créative - Label NR

L’Ebullition Créative

L’ébullition Créative is your communications and web agency. As an ambassador for authentic French savoir-faire and craftsmanship, it puts the quality of your products and services in the spotlight.

Its mission? To help you stand out from the crowd by revealing your true potential and supporting you every step of the way, from strategy to completion. L’ébullition Créative offers its vision, its expertise, and its creative resources for a successful partnership based on trust and dialog. Let’s work together to focus on CSR practices so we can move towards an ethical and sustainable approach to business.

Logo La Javaness Label NR

La Javaness

La Javaness accelerates the transformation of major organizations by scaling up AI responsibly and efficiently. La Javaness is one of the only independent AI companies. 

Logo région Occitanie - label NR

Région Occitanie – Pyrénées Méditerranée

The Occitanie region in one of the 13 french metropolitan regions. It is located in the south west quarter of France.

The capital of the Occitanie region is Toulouse.

Logo Ville de Nevers - label NR

Ville de Nevers

Since 2014, the city of Nevers invests in the digital sector and craves to be identified as a laboratory the “Smart City” on the scale of medium-sized towns.

The workforce of Nevers is characterized by a dynamic and innovative structure,  turned towards the quality of  user services.

Logo Vinci Energies Label NR

VINCI Energies Information Systems (VESI)

VINCI Energies Information Systems manages the VINCI Energies Group’s management tools and information and communications systems. A team of over 500 serves all the Group’s IT users and coordinates all corporate IT projects with their partners in the 55 countries where the VINCI Group operates.



Tibco is a digital service provider.

Tibco has more than 1,700 employees, serving over 2,000 clients in the telecoms, industrial, retail, insurance, banking, health care, and public sectors.

Tibco provides support for connected users and enhances the performance of their network infrastructure from its 100 locations across France and its 5 service centers.
What makes Tibco unique? It guarantees a sustainable digital world that’s good for people, the economy, and the planet.

Candidates for the Sustainable IT label – Level 1



ACCSYS ENGINEERING is a design, audit, research and development office.

Expert in BIM, ACCSYS ENGINEERING assists you in your BIM Management missions through  digitalization (3D acquisition of bulidings and facilities), information modeling and processing (3D to 5D modeling) thanks to its different tools and process while ensuring a collaboration all along the project.

Logo ADACIS Label NR


ADACIS founded in 2003, specializes in IT security. In 2020, ADACIS was awarded the security visa for PASSI (information system security audit provider) certification by ANSSI, the French national information systems security agency, for its services.

Logo Adista Label Nr


Adista a Hosted Services Operator, is France’s top alternative B2B cloud and telecoms operator and an IT and voice specialist. 

Logo Aepsilon - Label NR


Aepsilon is a consulting firm specializing in IT engineering and digital transitions. It is based in Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera. As a mission-driven company, it aims to “use digital technology and corporate influence to advance the social, environmental, and economic transition.”

Logo Agile Partner - Label NR

Agile Partner

Since many years already, Agile Partner commits to continually improve its CSR approach in order to reduce negative impacts coming from its activities.

As an ESN, digital is at the heart of its activities and it is therefore naturally that Agile Partner wanted to join the LUCIE Community.

Logo Aika - Label NR


AIKA is a startup that specializes in artificial intelligence for GreenTech and Smart Mobility.
Its core activity is developing sector-specific web applications that companies can use to reduce their carbon footprint.

Logo AODB Label NR

Alliance of Digital Builders

AODB, Alliance Of Digital Builders, is a new generation digital services provider that compresses space and time to deploy solutions that will be common in 10 years today.
AODB designs innovative digital platforms for large organizations:  Usine à Sites and DXP for websites, intranet/extranet and e-commerce sites, mobile applications, and business applications.
Founded on the idea that IT and digital technology have moved into a phase of hyper-specialization, AODB’s unique strength is its ability to combine the best of 2 worlds:

Expert firms representing the best in cutting-edge expertise and innovation,
And big digital services companies known for their management abilities and their activism.
With that dual advantage, AODB has brought together top experts in every field to create an ultra-specialized offer designed for large-scale projects.
AODB, founded in 2017, now has 200 employees and 500 clients, including 1/3 of CAC40 companies.

Logo Cekoya Label NR


CEKOYA educates companies about the day-to-day impact of their digital consumption and helps them find ways to take action for the climate.

Logo CGI - Label NR

CGI France

Fonded in 1976, CGI appears among the most important companies in terms of digital services and consulting in the world including more than 11 000 professionals spread in 24 cities in France.

CGI contributes to the development of a world prioritizing inclusion and allowing climatic shifts thanks to our 3 priorities in social responsibility : Climate, Talents and Communities.

Logo Colibris - Label NR


Colibris is a tool of analytical watch and management, it manages large volumes of informatio il gère des gros volumes d’informations coming from contracts and linked delivery tools.


Logo DOING Label NR



innovates sustainably with French companies that are seeking to grow by co-developing custom eco-designed business applications (web, mobile, connected objects) in Agile mode and in synergy with users.
Logo Eclydre Label NR


Eclydre is an independent web design and development agency founded in 1993.

Eclydre currently has a team of ten employees, with strong skills in Drupal and interaction design. Its employees work together to help you imagine, design, produce, administer, and share your services and content. Whether you’re an institution or a cultural, scientific, non-profit, or commercial organization, its united team of experts is here to help with your service creation or site or web App redesign needs.

Logo Evergreen - Label NR

Evergreen Garden Care

Created in 2017, Evergreen Garden Care is a team of 950 collaborators, dedicated to ensure that gardeners of any level of experience can easily cultivate and protect their lawn, plants, fruits or vegetables.

Evergreen offers a range of garden care products for gardeners in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, North Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Its objective is to develop the most famous brands and to launch the most interesting and relevant innovations for consumers.

Logo Evode Label NR


Evode specializes in developing custom management software for professionals in all industries. It aims to simplify, automate, and optimize processes to make them more user-friendly and help organizations and their employees shine.

Logo GIE Amplius - Label NR


AMPLIUS is an economic Interest grouping.

Amplius has the vocation to mutualize material and human resources of different support services at the service of its members.

Mainly audit and accountancy firms implanted in the Nord – Pas de Calais or in Paris

Among the support services, AMPLIUS covers the fields of computing, project management, human resources, administration and finances, communication and monitoring.

The 70 collaborators of the GIE implement solutions that are adapted to the needs of the firms and design innovative projects to allow them to improve their performance in their daily activity management.

GIE AMPLIUS belongs to the Cerfrance France Nord – Pas de Calais Group.

Logo Greenweb - Label NR


GreenWeb assists companies, brands and communities in their social, societal and environmental transition, thanks to the implementation of digital and responsible strategy and solutions : ethical and virtuous, social and local, ecologic and sustainable, that maximize the performances of their social contribution, while concretely minimizing environmental impacts.


Logo Sirap Label NR

Groupe SIRAP

The SIRAP Group is a major player in cadaster viewing, filings, and filing verification, serving local authorities. It also serves public and private network providers with dedicated management solutions for wet and dry networks (electricity, public lighting, fiber optic, gas, sewers, drinking water).


Logo HeadMind Partners Label NR

HeadMind Partners

HeadMind Partners is a major player in cybersecurity, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence consulting with 1,500 employees. Founded in 2000, it has offices in Paris, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and New York, where it advises major companies on digital risk taking.  
In today’s anxious environment, companies are faced with two competing challenges: increased regulations to better protect their digital assets and the need to continue to accelerate digitization of their products and services while leveraging all their data.

For over two decades, HeadMind Partners has been committed to building a secure and responsible digital society, pairing its technical skills with mastery of the methods and techniques involved.

The HeadMind Partners teams’ understanding of their markets and their clients and the issues and challenges they face make them the perfect trusted partner. 

Logo La - Label NR


La is an eco-responsible web agency specialized in the GreenCode and accessibility.

La divides by 3 the ecological impacts of companies’ websites.

Logo Leasetic - Label NR


Leasétic englobes 2 worlds we live in : finance and eco-responsibility.

Its goal is to be a partner of trust for every company that is eager to rise to challenges of the 21st century. To this day, with its customers, Leasétic brings projects with an economical and environmental impact to life.

The expertise, methods and tools used by Leasétic allows the company to offer custom-made services for each client.

Leasétic brings ethical and responsible solutions to each company that needs to finance a project while having control over its environmental impact.

Logo Lemon interactive Label NR

Lemon Interactive

Lemon Interactive based in northern France, is a web and digital consulting agency that now has nearly 20 employees. Since 2009, the team has been actively focused on developing sustainable digital performance through 4 major areas of expertise: strategic support, experience design, website creation, and webmarketing. Because CSR is an integral part of its strategy, Lemon Interactive has made the decision to commit to Sustainable IT and reducing

Logo Mavana Label NR


Mavana assists low-carbon strategies of companies and collectivities by optimizing their activities with the help of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Making eco-conception and the reuse of the existing their first choice, MAVANA puts its experience to service on hundreds of projects of integration and placing on the market in more than 70 countries, as well as tools to evaluate the economical, environmental and societal pertinence of connected solutions.

Logo neos-sdi - Label NR


Founded in 2001, Neos-SDI is a society of services that are specialized in Microsoft (and its Ecosystem) technologies.

Neos-SDI commits to bring innovative services and solutions that are aligned with its costumers’ strategy.

Logo Patisseries Lac Label NR

Pâtisseries LAC

Since 1995, Pâtisseries LAC has marketed high-end chocolates and pastries produced in the LAC Laboratory in Nice.

Logo Primobox Label NR


Primobox delivers SaaS virtualization and e-signature services to help companies simplify, secure, and structure document exchanges with their employees and clients. Its core goal is to support its clients’ digital transformation. Client satisfaction is Primobox’s priority.

Logo Pro It Conseil Label NR


Pro IT Conseila member of the ADN (Alliance du Numérique) network, is an IT engineering services company that serves VSEs and SMEs. Thanks to its expertise in information systems, Pro IT Conseil offer solutions tailored to meet its clients’ unique needs on time and on budget.

Logo Etat de Genève Label NR

Republic and Canton of Geneva

The Republic and Canton of Geneva (State of Geneva) is one of the 26 sovereign cantons that make up the Swiss Confederation. 

Logo SFI Label NR


SFI is a digital services company with 28 employees, founded in 1995 and committed to sustainable development since 2009. Its strong technical team designs and creates custom online platforms, websites, and smartphone and tablet applications for professionals in all industries. SFI also offers consulting services (digital strategy marketing, site audits, quality audits, data analysis, etc.) to help its clients navigate their digital transformation and grow their business. SFI also publishes POL, a CRM software package sold as SaaS.

Logo Sika Team - Label NR

Sika Team

Sika Team is a digital services company with a team of engineers and other IT professionals that offers technology consulting to support its clients as they create and develop new solutions, from project ownership to project completion.

Organizations starting their SIT process with a supervised self-audit

Organizations starting their SIT process with a supervised self-audit

logo-ACID-Solutions label nr


ACID-Solutions, is a design and web development agency, human-sized company, strong with 15 years of experience and located in the city-center of Nantes.

Committed in a CSR process, ACID-Solutions acts every day with the goal to improve its social policy and quality of work life, protect the environment and to locally engage to take part in its territorial development.

This society is an expert in tailor-made services in the following fields :

COMMUNICATION : visual identity, graphic design, printed and digital supports ;

DEVELOPMENT of web and mobile applications. It adapts to the project realizations, the issues and the constraints of its clients whether it be a project or company creation. Its strength is in its capacity to comprehend the project of the clients and to adapt it under a technical form, in the most personalized way possible.

Logo Adversio - Label NR


Au croisement de l’expertise et du conseil en transition numérique, Adservio accompagne les entreprises dans leurs transformations numériques les plus critiques et les plus complexes.

Adservio est un cabinet créé en 2010 qui aide ses clients à construire des expériences digitales résilientes, performantes et fiables.

Les expertises technologiques fortes sont ancrées dans l’ADN d’Adservio. Elles permettent au cabinet de proposer une capacité d’intervention forte dans le domaine du développement informatique, de la gestion de la dette technique, de la transition vers le cloud et de la résilience des SI.

Logo-ColibrITD - Label NR


ColibrITD est une société de services numériques autour de la Data, du Cloud et de l’Agilité.

Partenaire Google Cloud Platform, ColibrITD est une startup avec une activité recherche sur l’informatique quantique dirigée par le Docteur Laurent Guiraud (ancien interne de Google et d’Amazon Web Services). C’est une jeune entreprise innovante.


Logo Elbeuf Label NR

Commune d’Elbeuf-sur-Seine

La ville d’Elbeuf sur Seine est située à 1h de Paris et à 20mn de Rouen. Forte d’un patrimoine industriel hérité de quatre siècles d’activité drapière, la Ville possède un centre ancien remarquable constitué de maisons à colombage et d’anciennes manufactures. Bordée par la Seine et la forêt, elle bénéficie également d’un patrimoine naturel exceptionnel.

Logo Deveryware - Label NR


Deveryware is the leader in investigation technologies and services for global security. It is committed to serving State, corporate, and individual security with innovative digital technologies and high added-value solutions.

The group’s solutions can be used to speed up investigations, analyze evidence, reduce risk, and manage crises. Offers provided through its subsidiaries OAK Branch, TRACIP, and Crisotech cover digital investigation, real-time geolocation platforms, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, crisis management, and emergency communications. Deveryware generated €37M in turnover in 2020.

Clients include the French Prime Minister’s office, the French Ministries of the Interior and Justice, and private-sector players like Total, Axa, and Veolia. Within the group, Deveryware has had an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality-Environment strategy since 2012.

digitaleo_logo - label nr


Créée en 2004, Digitaleo propose une solution de communication locale et collaborative à destination des marques et des réseaux. Digitaleo propose une solution qui réunit le marketing direct, le print, le presence management, les réseaux sociaux et les avis clients sur une seule plateforme.

Leur plateforme collaborative permet à leurs 4000 clients d’harmoniser leur image de marque, mais aussi d’amplifier l’impact de leurs messages. La solution a été pensée pour permettre aux enseignes de choisir le niveau d’autonomie qu’elles souhaitent confier à leurs établissements, de la personnaliser à leur charte graphique, et ainsi animer leurs équipes terrain sur les sujets de communication locale.

Du presence management à la création de campagnes de communication prêtes à l’emploi en allant jusqu’au workflow de validation et le suivi des performances, Digitaleo donne aux réseaux et aux marques les moyens de développer leur visibilité locale.

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Information Systems Division – Letter and Packages Branch (DSI BSCC) – La Poste

The Information System Division develops and upgrades the BSCC’s Information System (IS), providing ongoing support for its digital transformation. It meets the needs of the Business Units (BUs), in line with the Group’s strategy.

As part of the Group’s April 2021 commitment to become a mission-driven company, the BSCC Information Systems Division has made a commitment to promote an “Ethical, Inclusive, and Frugal” IS. 

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EUKLID is an IS consulting firm that specializes in consulting services for functional and organizational fields. It carefully and selectively recruits experienced consultants
who combine technical and soft skills to maximize value creation for their clients. EUKLID serves all industries,  with a focus on banking, finance, and insurance. 


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Au cœur de la ville, le Globe et Cecil… Bien plus qu’un hôtel à Lyon. Passez le pas de la porte et c’est tout un esprit qui se dessine, une identité forte dans un style unique, celui d’une charmante place de vie. On y respire un véritable esprit de famille. Accueil personnalisé, élégant, moments cocoon viennent compléter les prestations de cet établissement élégant au charme historique.


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L’ébullition Créative – GLOBEWORKER

Agence de communication située près de Toulouse, L’ébullition créative accompagne les professionnels dans leur communication : création d’entreprise ou de marque, professionnalisation d’une communication existante, optimisation en vue d’une évolution de votre marque ou projet, elle les aide à chaque étape jusqu’à leur réussite !


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L’Orange Carré

L’Orange Carré est spécialisé en communication écoresponsable. Sa mission ? Proposer la meilleure solution à ses clients pour le support de communication grâce à l’analyse de leurs besoins. L’Orange Carré trouve ainsi des supports adaptés, moins onéreux et moins impactants pour l’environnement.


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L’agence LEKSI conçoit des stratégies digitales pour l’intérêt général. Basées à Nantes, LEKSI intervient aux côtés d’entreprises, d’institutions publiques et d’ONG locales et nationales pour les aider à formuler une parole utile, accompagner des changements durables et soutenir des projets digitaux sobres.


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Performance Agency

Basée en Vendée, Performance Agency est une agence web spécialisée dans la création de sites Internet sur mesure, WordPress et Prestashop, et la réalisation de solutions numériques depuis 2017.

Elle conseille ses clients dans la définition de leurs objectifs et lesaccompagne à chaque étape de leur projet digital, de la conception à la réalisation finale.

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Resilience Lab

La mission de Resilience Lab : Accompagner les acteurs publics et privés vers des modèles plus sobres et résilients en adéquation avec leurs écosystèmes.

Resilience Lab les aide à mesurer et réduire leurs impacts (carbone, déchets, biodiversité…), définir leurs valeurs, identifier leur responsabilité sociétale et aligner leur stratégie, se réinventer à travers la créativité.


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Saint-Lô Agglo

Saint-Lô Agglo is an agglomeration community located in the heart of the Manche department in Normandy. Founded on January 1, 2014, it brings together 61 towns with nearly 80,000 residents, has 320 employees, and is run by a community council of 97 elected officials appointed by the member municipalities. Its purpose is to unite these municipalities to develop a strategy to boost the area’s appeal, develop the area, and expand resident services.

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Skills4All est un organisme de formation en digital-learning, qui prépare à des certifications internationales en gestion de projet, agilité, transformation digitale, cyber sécurité et Intelligence artificielle.

Son approche mixte combine des contenus digitaux hébergés sur une plateforme disponible 24/7/365 et des interactions fréquentes avec un mentor.

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Troopers est une agence numérique agile structurée en Scop qui réalise des applications web, mobile & métier d’envergure, à la carte selon les besoins les plus exigeants. Troopers est aussi et avant tout un collectif lié par les mêmes valeurs, celles de concevoir ensemble des projets à impact positif et de remettre en question ses pratiques pour tendre vers un numérique responsable et durable.

Troopers accompagne ses partenaires depuis la réflexion stratégique en amont du projet et au travers de chaque phase de développement. Troopers s’appuie sur des méthodes conçues pour maximiser la création d’idées et la productivité dans le cadre d’un travail collaboratif ainsi que sur des technologies robustes, modernes et Open Source.

Why join the sustainable IT community? 

Why join the sustainable IT community? 

Reduce the environmental impact of IT

IT seems virtual but it has a major real-world impact in terms of energy consumption, raw material usage, and the electronic waste it generates. 

With the SIT Label, your company can prove that it is implementing a rigorous green IT strategy.

Stand out from the crowd

Earning the SIT label means starting a process of improvement that will gradually reduce the environmental impact of IT.

That kind of commitment can spark innovation and help your company stand out from the competition.

Choose a rigorous label

The SIT label is managed by Agence LUCIE, which does not have the authority to award it. 

Organizations are audited by an external auditor and the label is awarded by a labeling committee of Green IT experts. That guarantees your commitment’s credibility.

Save money

Numerous studies have shown that financial performance and CSR strategies are linked. The Green IT component of CSR also creates sustainable value.

Anticipate future regulations

Social and environmental regulations are changing fast in response to the concerns of purchasers, individual citizens, and employees, who have increasingly high standards when it comes to CSR issues.

Unite your teams

By reducing the environmental impact of digital, your company can make its activity more meaningful and offer employees a chance to get involved in sustainable projects, giving them a common goal.

The more of us there are,
the more we can reduce the environmental impact of IT